I'M Featured in a Norwegian Film !

Home , Arendal 

Have you ever painted the sky blending pink ,yellow and blue ?
Well, I did and this is the first time waking up at 6 in the morning viewing such amazing view here.
When I first step onto this place, 
SMILE was the first thing that greeted me here.
It was a random girl at a bus stop.
Arendal, changed my view on Norway.
After all, Oslo, the city is a city which has been filled with a "mind your own business " community.
Now, this feels home, here feels so warm even the cold breeze gives you chills, yet the warmth of the folks here would just warm you up like a baby in a wool cradle.

 Halo !
Here, I am imagining myself in the 70s milkin cows and chasing sheeps.

Did Asian exists in Norway in 70s ???
OMG ! This is such a history !!!

Well, let me tell you. I am in a NORWEGIAN FILM !
It was such an Honour to participate in this flim making process as I was the only Asian there
and despite the language barrier , younger generations in Norway could speak fluent English and I made so many friends there !
Check out how tall this teen compare to me. I am about the same height as a 12 year old Norwegian girl.
Well, Will this able to fool you ??
I'm a Make up artist  !!
Now you know that~~ I not only can transform others to pretty brides but also fake scars ~ :p

This BLACKie is my FAV ! HE is sooo TAME ! I even let him nibble my hands!
Now this LOOK traditional huh? 
What Im wearing is the traditional Norwegian wear- The BUNAD costing as up to 4000Kr
It's very expensive even much more than a Kimono or Yukata ( Japanese Traditional wear)

SO, WHAT COMES INTO your mind when you see this? 
Do Comment !!

I was fooling so much with the WIGS ! There were more ! 

OMG! It so painful to wear your size ! 
I had to wear like 3 size bigger than mind to not feel the pain of walking in it!

And if you WONDER how does the Barn's Toilet look like ~~
It's soo CLEAN and when u look DOWWWWNNNN there, its a deeeeep hole leading to Somewhere
Small kids are afraid of these cause they might fall down deep


 Here's an interesting scren whereby they will Chop her head off !!!!

BBOOOO! Did i Scare you? 
Well, one of the props whereby they will chop the girls head off

PSSSt~~ ARENDAL used to have Speed boat racing.
CHeck out this SPEEED Boat ! It looks like a SPEED CAR!

Recently, friends had been telling me to speak my Malaysian accent in my videos which confuses me.
I know, speaking that accent would be more of myself yet certain description would confused other international friends of mine. 
Well, What do you think ? Should I speak my Malaysian accent or the current is just fine ? 

  Appreciate your comments !!!!


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