How to Make Horlicks Mcflurry - Mcd


Here is another video of me teaching how to make something !!!

Made this for most of the guest that came our house and all gave THUMBS UP for this !
It's either you are allergic to Cornflakes or Milk then it might be too bad soo sad for you.
Well, i guess palm oil made ice cream would be best for those allergic to milk :P

This is a limited edition taste used to have in McDonald Malaysia and since Im at Norway and would want such taste, so i made this recipe here ! Its very simple! follow the steps on my video to try it out! 
You just need Horlicks, Corn Flakes and Vanilla Icecream!!

Recently, Summer has been such a lovely weather and soon I will start travelling towards Bergen ! WEST part of Norway!
Im excited to try out WHALE meat and many more ! Knowing that Bergen is famous for rains, I had all prepared my wet suitss for their weather. 
And next would be Stavanger which Im SUPER Excited about it ! 
The view of the fjords and hiking~~ Hmmm
Can't wait for these ~~!!

And to my MALAYSIAN friends !!
Dah Lama aku tak cakap BM dah~ 
Semoga Semua makan banyak semasa Hari Raya dan jangan lupa berhati-hati di Jalan Raya !!
Aku rindu Rendang dan Stay tau ~~  :D

CUBA Buat Horlicks McFlurry untuk RAYA !!!


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