NOt many tourist would know about this Island as the location to take the ferry is hidden and far from the Oslo's fort - Akershus festning - About 15 min walk into here. There is only ticket machine to buy the tickets here. The officers on board will not check the tickets but there is a tag machine to tag it if you want. Most norwegians would take this ferry off to this island for camping as it is the furthest island way from Oslo through this ferry. There is no residency on the Island , only campers. no entrance fee is needed to pay to camp here. Once enter, there is a Big field here and near the beach there is a bar for food and drinks and volley ball court . The sand on the beach isn't fine at all compare to the ones on Redang Island, Malaysia.Nevertheless, it's a nice place to camp yet campers have to be careful as there as cases to stolen equiptments reported.


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