Norwegian Families VS Asian Families

Do you know, different country people treats their families in different ways ?

Being friends with Norwegians here , and also having a Norwegian boyfriend hits me to a realization to a different family culture compared to my home.  As Asians, we were well protected and have restricted freedom and actions among our family yet it's for the benefit of ours. Some would feel that Asian parents would be over protective over their kids thus bringing up independent children.
Yet, the love and care of parents towards their children are just so much that most of the children love their parents so much and would take care of them even when they get old . Regardless how old their children are, in an Asian parents eyes, their children will always remain their precious baby in their eyes. As for mine, my mum and dad were the most awesome parents ever as they saved their happiness during their marriage and youth and had lived a thrifty lifestyle just for our future. Even more, we have much more saving amount in our banks compared to theirs. Through the rebellious teenage life , we been through craziest fighting moments in our home , yet blood is still thicker than water; we will still forgive and forget after awhile. Years passed and now I'm no longer living with my family and always far from home. Even though we do not Skype everyday but they are always my Biggest fan on Facebook or Youtube, giving their best or worst comments.
In our hearts, we deeply misses each other and the hardship we had together.  Our family would always welcome us back home , will always offer to give anyway of help in transport or money even if i wasn't in need. Recalling back their warmth and kindness just gives me a sense of BLISS thinking of such privilege to be born in such family even though we aren't as rich as others.

Being in a foreign country, hearing stories from locals regarding their family lifestyle here, refreshes my home memories even more as the different in culture is vast ! Well, based on what i heard and see, Norwegian families are rather independent soles whom believes in the strength of their own self  to sustain without any forms of help in need. The pride of parents would be formed from the independence of their children whom need not depend on them. Whereas, the incapable one would feel indirectly ashamed  from the treatment from the parents or be neglected due to their incapabilities. Well, it also all comes down to the social culture whereby its inadvisable to seat beside a stranger nor talk to them as they would pertain it as dangerous or invading others' privacy. Here's a real situation whereby I met this Norwegian girl that feels ashamed of staying with her parents after graduating . She had to take loan from the government instead to rent a place to stay before starting her new job. Parents would urge them to shift out from the house once they are graduated. It would be a shame if their working children is staying and living with them
Now, comparing to most typical Asian families , their parents would want to stay with their kids or even their vice versa !!
It would never be a shame for children at whatever age to stay with their parents. In fact, their loyalness to the parent would be shown by living together and taking care of each others.
On the other side, a Norwegian family would prefer their own privacy meanwhile their children lives on their own. The good thing, parents would not have control over their children's decision nor action and vice versa. Meanwhile the Asian family would have quarrels and disagreements sometimes. Well, some would say arguments would lead to stronger bond among families whereas some would say distance would make the heart fonder. Such argument of course depends on the culture brought up by different families since inter cultural marriage is now a common thing with inter-cultural marriages all over the world. distribution of technology also influences the cultural method of one family causing certain parents change in their way of leading their family. Well, as an Asian family,I believe a balance of both is of course necessary and the warmth of unconditional help from our family is what i appreciate most unlike certain Norwegians that would show hypocrisy by agreeing the means of help with a non-sincere heart which I had encounter such situation before. Well, most Norwegians are encourage to be nice to each other. However, I believe Nice with a cross fingers shouldn't be among families as they are the closest to us. Well, look as the culture of Divorce here, the rates would be higher than the ones in Malaysia however, how would such relate if the honesty towards relationship is straight forward meanwhile the culture response towards reacting towards other's need or opinion would be vague and un-sincere?

Well, it then leads to their concept of Self- contentedness.
We are always our own best friend
and We only can depend on ourself.
They put self future happiness first ! 
Meanwhile, showing un-sincere kindness would cause no HARM to their life as they will avoid from gaining a foe and instead gain to new friend.

Nevertheless, all these leads to difference in self perception and cultural differences.
I would be somewhere rather in the middle, a balance of all kind and believe me,
I would help my family in whatever means an sincerely,
just because, 
I am Me.



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