One time BBQ @ Norway !


BBQ is a common thing in most countries.
However, different country people bbq in their own different way !

Back in Malaysia, we always bbq with charcoals and it takes sooo long to get it heat up and get the right heat ! Most of all, stuffs to bbq are so heavy that takes up much work BEFORE and even AFTER!
so, Malaysians only have BBQ for certain occasions. 

Well, here is how Norwegians usually BBQ and I find this very easy and less hassle~~

Norwegians love to BBQ in Summer and they have this ONE TIME BBQ Thing !!

Curious how it looks like and how to Lit it up !? Watch it then !!

After this, we just take this thing and throw into the rubbish bin! 

DO i Look like a Fregan ??!! :D


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