The Wild and the Geek


Once upon a time, Christian, Captain of Norway also known as The Finance Geek
met Felicia the Wild & Bimbo.

However, one day Felicia fell down and Captain of Norway came to the rescue and Saved her out !

So , she tried to KISS him as a mean of  Thank YOU
BUT he rejected in and said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

And Felicia went : WHATEVER~~~~~~~ YOU ARE MEANNNN!!

So Then, Felicia went back to her ICE CREAM LIFE and Christian joined in !
And Ice Cream Brought them PEACE!

And fine day, he caught Felicia in the WILD singing to herself ~ Lalalalaa~~

And he went :WOW !! That's the ANGEL I was waiting for SOO LOONGGGG ~~!!
He started to Follow where ever she Goes and meeting up new friends through CouchSurfing during their travels !

Became her photographer and took awesome Shots of her pics
Brought her to romantic places 
And lastly, He showed his LOVE in JAPAN

Touched the very core of her heart and FELICIA said :YES !!!!!!!

 After since, He made her Life upside down.

 Heightwasn't a barrier neither do distance nor even race.

Comfort and joy was always with us as we stroll our everyday lives with much Love to share.

They have common passion which is Travelling !
It's been Half a year now,
Life is always an excitement between these ice cream lover couples
As they continue explore and travel and show the world what they see and experience in their walk by faith in the Lord.

A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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