Backpacking in Korea !

Many would think it would be hard to backpack in Korea due to the languages barrier yet I can tell you
Korea is such a tourist friendly place that backpacking is superb ideal as there are much information centre to help out even in outskirts area !
So, our adventure in Korea begins with
Seoul  ---> Gyeongju---Busan--- Jeju Island----> Seoul--->Jeonju--->Seoul---> HOME!
So, here's a short brief of our trips in these areas.

Seoul is such a HUGE city that we spend almost a week in Seoul exploring parts of it !
Believe me... We still havent seen all of SEOUL!
It's too HUGE!
One place we found interesting is this man appearing on Namdaemun Market !
It's freaking cheap ! Bought a coat from him for 8,000 won !'

Read here for More about 

Well, next famous spot is N-Seoul Tower and We got our Couple lock Locked on it !
Well, being there on Chuseok is so packed that we climbed up ! 
Good Exercise and not that hard... Thousand flight of stairs is good for a BUTT workout!

During chuseok, heaps of performance on the street nearby the Gyeongbukdong palace!
Well, We got lucky that the entrance is FREE on that day!

My bf even got a chance to wear Hanbok( for men) and played some traditional Korean games...
( Well, he sucked at it)
Taddaa~ We got to watch a KOREAN's Lion Dance!
Except it doesnt look much like a lion~

On the streets of Hongdae, University students performed on the
streets and believe me, I would rather watch them than getting in the clubs~ ( It's too dark !)
Well, we bought a normal Bus ticket which costs on 19,000won to Gyeongju !(Famous for it's Shila dynasty)

Just go to Express bus terminal station get the tickets! It's always full of spaces, no need to book in advance !
Well, Gyeongju is a nice place to rent a bicycle and cycle around the paddy fields !
Its sooo gorgeous ! And the houses and so anciently unique !
We stayed at a traditional korean house which was super interesting!

Anapji pond is SOOO Worth to visit at night and pay for it ! 1,000 won only !
OMG! the lightings and ambience is just gorgeous!

Next we took a train ride to BUSAN!
We love train rides! You can see sooo much gorgeous view on the way ! 
( There are free buses to Busan as well provided by the government for foreigners at the Visit Korea website) It's during Chuseok so no buses were provided then

This is a view from Busan Tower and it's such an ancient tower which differs so much frm Seoul tower !
We scribbled our Love on the cafe in d Tower ;P

It was Busan International Flim festival and there were so many booths there and we got to wear the King and Queen's Hanbok!

This is of course the famous Gwangalli beach with a gorgeous view of the bridge
Night view is amazing and do keep up if there are fireworks going on !
Sometimes they even have water shows here! Its amazingly gorgeous!
Dont forget to go the biggest Public bath in Busan( Ochenjeong) which is 8,000won per entry and super nice !!
I had a culture shock with the nakedness though ( Oh~ Gender seperated public bath yea!)
Being on the famous Haeundae beach is just nice during autumn ~ 
Yet you wont find Koreans swimming during this season! 
So, we were the only one.. 
The water is only 18-20degrees~ Not as cold as the summer water in OSLO!

Next- We got upto our flights to Jeju Island!! We went with Busan Air and they had promotion 2 months before we bought it so~ it was fairly cheap!

On Jeju Island, known as the Honeymoon island.. is a Bloodly money sucking Island!
Staying on Jeju-si, the city of Jeju, the famous locations were sooo scatttered! Some are far south, or east of West ! 
Well, if you travel by Bus , you need at least a week to spend more time there~
If you rent a car or motorbike, which is bloody expensive ( plus u need an international driving licence)
Or Rent a Taxi which is also Bloody expensive !
Now u know why honeymoon costs a lot ! :D
The first place we went was SOUTH-Seogwipo( BUS 5.16),
where all the famous gorgeous locations were
PS- The bus routes on JEJU Island are mostly in Korean
It's best to get ask a local Korean ( Learn some basic Korean ~ It's easy!)
or find a tourist information centre which only exists at the Bus Terminal or Airport
From Airport - City Hall, Take bus 37 or 500 ~ 

To Hallasan mt Climbing spot or Donaaeko whic is on the Way to Seogwipo~ Take Bus 5.16 ( 3000Won per way)
Dont worry, on the bus the annoucement is in English

This is a recommended secret stream call Donaeko which the water is so clear, the rocks are big and has holes in it due to previous volcanic explosion and the WAATERRR is FREEZZIINNNGG COLD!
It's worth a DIP!

In Seogwipo, the famous waterfalls which worth paying 1000won to visit is Jeongbang which is by the SEASIDE! It's super gorgeous! And Oh! we walked 30min to there from Seogwipo bus station~ :)

There was a famous ROCK to visit where Daejangkum ( the korean movie) was flim
It's about 2000won by taxi to this spot ! As cheap as taking a bus ride for 2 !)

How to get To Seongsan 
Ps. There is( NO BUS Number!) 
Bus terminal will have the buses there so just go to the terminal near the city hall  centre
Seongsan is rated UNESCO as it;s a crater which amazingly has stones arranged on its sides.
Lots of tourists visit here so prepare for the crowd!
I got this horse ride here for only 5,000won!
And nearby you could take a Ferry to UDO island which the last ferry leaves at 5pm!
So, make sure u have about 3-4 Hours there!

Next we went Udo island.

We got our flight back to Seoul with Jeju Air !
And took a Free bus to JeonJu
( Famous for their Hanok Village)
In Jeonju, we went to an education fair that the art teacher drew this for us.
One is for christian ( his korean name)
Mine is ( Everyday is a good day!)
And I wrote Chinese caligraphy ( Korea ) with some chinese art painting cherry blossom on it !
It's a gift to our awesome HOST in Jeonju!
PS~ Cool bag huh i bought for Myeongdong( Seoul famous shopping area)
So this is the Hanok Village
Very pretty , its like a renovated version of traditional houses!

Well, We randomly saw this ajumma ( Korean Aunties)making KIMCHI and we were welcomed to helped out and test it !~ YUmmmy~

We had an awesome dinner HOMECOOKED Korean food in 
( this place is famous for apples and Ginseng!)
Our hosts were super nice preparing such yummy dishes and OMG! the House is amazingly gorgeous and creative! Our host had built this house himself and made is eco-friendly!

We randomly pop up a museum of Spirits / Goblins( The korean versions)
Most elderly believe in these as these have helped them 

We joined an art festival and had the opportunity to join the lunch gathering!
Yummy dishes~~ ( Taste like ASAM Pedas fish)

 And OH! This is MA-I - SAN ( Its a Mountain that looks like the Horse Ear !
We didnt had time to climb it ! ( Korean Mt takes a day or more to hike! )

And we got to eat a famous soy bean made Donuts and Ice cream!
They were sooo YUMYYY!!

Our last day in 
Enlighten our days with interesting people seen in Myeondong
Christianity in Korea is amazingly surprisingly more than in Malaysia!

Of course visiting the Eunhwa Girls University is amazing !
They build this university Underground !!!

My fav meal so far was this Ki-Bimbab which has caviar in it !!
Its 4000won and super yummy!! I missed this soo much !

AND Owhh~~ Myeongdong is famous for shopping facial stuffs which is super cheap that buying back here
and most of all, they will always give free stuffs after purchasing ! This could last me a year!!!

Must Try!! Makeolli!
Its milky ( shake it before u drink)
It's gassy ~ It's like Beer + Rice wine and its sweet !
I Loved it!
Ps. Korean can really drink~!!!

Sometimes, we rush into seeing things when we travel as we know our time is limited.
Yet, I realize rushing into things would cause stress and unhappiness ~
Instead, travelling with ease and having friends around makes our journey much more interesting !
As in the end, we gain a good friend and a meaningful journey together.

Read here Next about my experience Backpackin' in Japan ! 

Thanks for reading 


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