I Cosplay Hatsune Miku Append at AFA Singapore 2012!

Konichiwa !!!
Wa ta shi wa Hatsune Miku Append des ! 
 I had always dreamt to cosplay and yet never had the courage or took much effort to get into this.
Yet, this year I DID IT at AFA SINGAPORE !

For those who doesn't know Hatsune miku is..
She is a gorgeous vocaloid and this is her figurine in the Append outfit.

And of course, it aint easy to Cosplay this figure as the costume had to be made by our own !
It's not a very common outfit nor available in the market ~ 
The Man behind this outfit is my dearest who designed the belts and gadgets for this Miku Append!
He is One big Fan of Miku which influence me to Like Miku as well!
Owh~ You can ever imagine the much of disagreements and fights to make this Miku outfit ~
Yet overall, it was all worth it when we arrive Singapore !

We were so glad to meet up with Aaron while our stay in Singapore as he brought us to SOO MUCHH YUMMYYYY places to EAT! 
I'm surprised that Geylang has such yummy food !
One more thing being in Singapore without knowing ANY Cosplay friends worried us at the beginning but then we realized how friendly the Cosplayers were !
I randomly sat and chatted with Amin ( The Gorgeous chic-dude) on the far left and Diane to had our make up done at the hall !
It was just so much FUN having them and their friends around that made us felt so welcomed !
And of course, I got to take pics with Other COOOL Awesome outfit cosplayers !!!

And Even went for Subway in such an Outfit ! 
Miku LOVES SUBWAY !!!! ! nom nom nom ~
Lots of Vege~~

Most of all,  the feeling of being like a superstar !
Cameras everywhere and random people asking to have photos taken with !
Well, , the feeling from being a freelance model in car road shows are way different than this !
It's not for job or show off, it's the fun of being in the favourite character !
Yet, I wouldn't be making the same pose as the figurine all the time.
I believe if Hatsune Miku was given chance to take pictures with the fans,
She would SMILE BRIGHTLY And making different cute poses all the time!
Look at her dance videos and concert ! Miku is always HAPPY n KAWAAAI !!

Awww~ They were so adorable and wanting to HUGGGG ME~
Well, I got kinda scared they would rip off my outfit ~ :P
The EPIC SCENE where MIKU Appears in Naruto's comic!
Meeting another Vocaloid is just so fun !
We should have a PK one day~ :D
AND The Scary part where Miku is about to be kidnapped by HELLBOY from not even a Japanese Anime??

These AWESOME pictures combining cosplayers whom cosplays American cartoons, Japanese anime, and even troll and obama came in out of No where was just such an awesome experience !
Honestly, wearing that wig was hours was so heavy ! GOSH! that amount of hair aint easy to take care of.
Thanks to Miku, I realize how Repunzel suffer from the crazy amount of hair ~
And now~~~ We 're missing all the FUN AWESOME Friends we made during the AFA in SG ~
Will definitely come back to SG AGAIN ! :D

XOXO Felicia~
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