Hiking up Mt Rinjani's difficulty ??!!

Sometimes, travelling is not about just chillin on the beach but also IF you ever encounter a location with Gorgeous views from above, WHY not give it a try ?!
 So, If you ever wonder ARE YOU FIT ENOUGH ? 
Let me tell you how FIT I am ~ :D
The last climb I had was about 2 months before this ( in Korea Jeju - Mt Hallasan )and since then I NEVER EXERCISE except just playing in the swimming pool ~ 

Now let's Look How WORTH is it to be at this RIM~ !
The SunriseView !

Sunrise View as we were awaken by our Guides 
The middle tiny hill is an active volcano 

More of the Sunset view 
And so, We started off at Senaru Village.
Our flight arrived Lombok around 12noon and we had a driver awaiting us as we had booked our trip with Rudy Trekker. Price range per person would be around 1.5mil RP
Our journey was about 3.5 hours and we had a guide from his company to bring us to the waterfalls in Senaru.
The first one is just 5min walk down with stairs( don't really need a guide for that )
Yet, we then proceed to 2nd Waterfall ( which you really need a guide ! )
It's about an hour to go and come back to reach this AMAZINGLY gorgeous waterfall !
We even had to do a little of River trekking and cross bridges which look very unsafe to reach here yet it's SUPER WORTH !
 Our package also included a night stay at a Hotel in Senaru which was like a Motel without an aircond.
Next day , we had to wake up at 7 to be picked up and driven to the point we had to register before we enter.

Well, the start of the climb would be challenging with uphill road yet DO NOT RUSH for it if you just had your breakfast !! It would make you PUKE ! ( It happened to one of our friend whom joined us for the hike as well)
There will be around 4 stop points which is about 1km-2km apart.
Mostly we would stop at the 3rd point or second point to have our lunch.
With our guide and 2 porters, they cooked us fried noodles and pineapples and also gave us some biscuits on the way up + each person would have two 1.5litres of Water a day.
Our trip was only a 2 day 1 night hike as we realized it would be extremely straining if we did till the peak.
Due to the monsoon season, it was also raining and we had to hike with our raincoats!
No worries, they were all provided~
And after the rain, there is a massive fog around which wont blur your path view.
Looks scary though~ 

After then 2nd half station, heading to the 3rd point was the part that made me starting to feel tired and wonder WHEN WILL WE GET THERE !~~~~!!!
And so, after some rest at 3rd point , gaining some more energy, we proceed to the fourth point and rested again and WOAH~ 
came parts where you can feel you are almost near there but yet it has been like 8 hours of non stop hiking and OMG steeper routes !!!!~~
Well, how did grab my energy ?? I used all my limbs !!
Crawling like a tiger at this point sounds funny but it was much better than using just only 2 legs !
We saw a shadow, he looked like KUNGFU PANDA afar, and He Shouted : " FELICIA!! Christian!! WE ARE HERE !!"

HERE ! Our tents were then set up by our Guides and Porters !
GREAT JOB to our porters ! They were carrying so much heavy stuffs~~~
And here, more views of the Active Volcano ! 
Im glad i survived from that ! No erruption !
Well, since a could speak Bahasa, I had some chat with our guide and he told us there are fishes living in the crater of the volcano.
It's always said that the lake in the volcano would be acidic however, years passed and the increasing volume of water might have diluted the Ph value of it.
Thus, there are fishes HERE !
And of course there are also some native people living on this mountain and surviving on that !
We were advised to bring our jackets as it would be Cold at the Rim and YES !!! INDEED !!!
I had two jackets on me and slept with it with the sleeping bag provided. 
It was an amazing view at night at well as we head out from our tent to view the moon right above us !!
The lights in Lombok city where right below us creating a horizon which is just amazing !
And most of all, we hear Dogs barking and howling all night long.
It was such an unfortunate thing that our friend Gonzalo woke up in dismay to realize that both his shoes were missing !! 
We borrowed slippers from our porters the night before for convenience and left it out as well and realized that it was chewed off !! It was such a sad yet funny morning !!
SOOOO, Gonzalo whom love dogs now... I suppose would hate them for sure ! 
And so, our Morning was awaken by our lovely guides for this amazing view !!!!!
It's our first SUNRISE EVER !!! We are sooo lazy to wake up at such timing though but being here made us sleep like 8 oclock at night due to the crazy hike from the day !
And Yummy breeakkfast made by them !
Not an Indonesian one ~ Hot Tea with Sanwiches and Potato Wedges !
Amazing view !! 

AND ATLAST!!! We Head down~~~~
and It was AMAZING!!! I Love going down ! Extremely FUN! 
I realize that being slow and becareful would instead strain the knees and feet as you place break force on it ~
So I went of Free gear and be Extremly Alert of when to turn and jump !
Surprisingly It works !!! And the Both Porters were the same too ! I was as fast as them and it was super fun !

Overall, I will give a 6 Out of 10 for this difficultly .
We made it safely of course and the NEXT DAY being on GILI Trawangan Island~~
OMG~ It was just an amazing place for us to REST!!
Our Muscles were extremely in PAIN !
So Guys, If you ever plan to hike, make it the first plan then head to the beach next and RELAX !
Most of all, the island is blooming in the tourism industry , thus, No worries !! 
You can get Pizza for 30,000 RP ! Super cheap !! Or even some other yummy western food which wont end you up in Food poisoning ~ : D

That's all about this MT !! Have a nice day !!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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