Pros and cons of a Makeup Artist

Hi Guys !!

I know it's been awhile since I show my art pieces nor sharing about my personal job life.
So, instead of showing off the travels I had been through, it's time to show my art works.

First and foremost, I wana tell you that
Makeup is regardless of any skin colour, skin condition nor gender.

For example,

This is a shemale which has poor skin condition due to allergies,nevertheless,make up did this wonder and transformed into a female look !

Next , is this young indonesian girl that prefers simple make up that would make her skin more radiant

Meanwhile, Chinese with small eyes would definitely prefer a larger eyes. However, placing thick line of eyeliner or having smokey eyes would somehoow be to drastic for a day look.
Thus, this make up is just a natural look which makes her much cuter !

This persian lady would be going for an evening cocktail dinner and would prefer something elegant yet not so dramatic. So, in this make up is a blend of  a lighter beige and dark brown which enhances the depth of her eyes mildly.

This is a young  chinese school girl whom will be attending her school's prom night.
Thus, giving her this smokey eyes makes her look more matured and sexy.
All ready to stand out among others !!
It's a blondie !! Of course, eyebrows are important in enhancing her features, yet there is no need to thicken up the shadows on her face. Thus, this makeup emphasizes only on her eyelashes as it is good enough to electrify some dudes in some friendship gathering ~
Placing the wrong foundation colour to look fairer would sometimes turn your desired look to a pale outcome. 
This transformation gives a healthier skin tone and also changed her sleepy lookin' eyes into an energetic ,cheerful lady!
Hmmm, this could either be in a murder scene due to burn outcomes or a zombie that lost an eye.
What do you think?
An Inspired Joker makeup giving the touch of an elderly look to this young man!
A creative make up with combination of handmade extensions to create to 3D fashion.
Inspired of the Sky and Nature.

For those whom draw out there, I can say that make up is totally different from painting.
Nevertheless, having the basic of art would enhance your own creativity as once you step into the world,
it's all above contingency and flexibility towards the needs of your clients.

Of course, social skills are also vital in being a make up artist as such would bring joy to your clients during the makeup period.

And the cons of being a makeup artist is that sometimes, there will always be fussy and high in demand clients that are extremly undecisive. At such , most would overcome with patience of place in self defence to support their makeup techniques used.

Most TVC shootings would then causes makeup artist to face directors.In this case, I would say that creative / master make up would require a natural and precise makeup which can't be tolerated if mistakes are done. Such would cause a serious dent in the video artwork.

Bridal or dinner makeup instead requires a very good social  and convincing skill as different women has different expectations and way of perceiving beauty in their eyes. Some , would not tolerate thick and extreme whereas some would require unique and thick makeups.

Bottom line, most jobs would definitely require some way of social skills as well as life. I believe having such exposure could be challenging yet interesting as then would make me realize and learn how to face the world.
So, if anyone needs makeup artist , Don't forget to call me ! I would be still around KL till March 21st as then would be my next trip to Japan !!Osaka- Kyoto- Hokkaido ~~~ I can't wait !!!

Ps . If  Life has no obstacles, then what does Life mean anymore ?

View more of my Makeup Artworks  HERE


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