KL Zombie Run - voice of a makeup Artist Zombie

It's Zombie time!

So here's how I got into KL ZOMBIE RUN 2012 , I saw on Fb and thought it was a GREAT Idea ! Joined as a Zombie ... then became their Head Make-up Artist realizing that they needed one !

And for those who doesn't know how much effort We Zombies had been placing into the ZOMBIE RUN KL and also how excited we were about this~
Most volunteered zombies have been placing about a month of weekend to practice "how to be a Zombie"
The instructor was non-other-less an Actress ! -  Nicole Ann  Thomas that has been training us how to "break our Bones" crawl around and even screammmm like one. 

Besides, one of their last week was spent with ME ! :D
I enlighten them with Zombie make-up tutorial in order for them to be able to Make-up themselves on that day!
Here's an Example of my fellow student ! :D
See how creative every individual can be ~ 
Very Proud of them !

And AT LAST !!!
It's the day we all ZOMBIES anticipated most !
Where KL Zombie Run begins........
And our calling time.... 5 AM !!!

And so.. My first thought was :"OMG, !@#$%^&*())(*&^%$#$% The event only starts at 8am and 5AM we have to be there??!! #$^%*^(&*)(!@#$%^& and Honestly... I was late 15 min and at 5AM!, Chacha( the organiser told me that the ZOMBIES ARRIVED!!!
I felt embarrassed thinking that most Malaysians would be on the "Malaysian timing !" Unfortunately... these Zombies really place much effort and discipline to this event and I admire their spirit and energy !
*THUMBS UP for those who came early !* Sorry for my grumpy morning look~
 I usually only have "Brunch" ya' know...

 Look at these Bunch.. When the Sky is still Dark, they are already putting on their Zombie Makeup ~~
Semangat Gila !!

The First and only "ANG MOH " ( Caucasian )Zombie done by me on that MORNING!
(Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes- The Zombie in here n Photographer with NEX-5)

Here's the story of "Hugh Hefner" with his Japanese Maid being zombified !!
(Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes- The Zombie in here n Photographer with NEX-5)
Clown Zombie which I did the Makeup For-- Pic courtesy of cheechingy.com

and make up for this Cosplayer Zombie..... whom had a safety pin pinned on her eyebrows with a lost eye.
Here, is the EVIDENCE where I make Men Love to do their OWN Makeup! :D
The Irony of the Man using a Hello Kitty Mirror - "admiring" Himself ??
And Men willing to be Sluts /Whore for a day ~ :D
"Hugh Hefner" Zip her off !
Here is a Zombie school kid,  famous Chuckie and ZombieBride...
And not missing out the Zombie Pondan ( AhGua) and Zombie Sareee  

Here, you'll get to see our FULL dressed Aunty Saree and Beauty Queen Zombie on the far right ~ 
(Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes- The Zombie in here n Photographer with NEX-5)
And of course, certain Zombies with contact lenses made the effect much more Awesome!
Here's some progress of the make up~~ My hands are the BEST Make up Tool for the day !

Oh, I love scaring pretty girl's face.. : P
(Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes- The Zombie in here n Photographer with NEX-5)

And what a Surprise !!! Christopher Tock the young successful entrepreneur and founder of Global Shapers Community - Kuala Lumpur HubEYE Project,SocialGrooves.com and Wago Sdn Bhd !!!
(Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes- The Zombie in here n Photographer with NEX-5)
Fully tranformed Chris !! :D  ( he just wanted the joker look~)
Well, of course he had a free Zombie Makeup done as well as Jeremy from RedFm !
Glad to meet up with jessicat.com  and thisisKJ ( the baju kurung  lady boy) !!!!!
And OH ! Check out
The reporter interviewed me and It was a pleasure to meet her during the zombie tutorial day~
Most of all Appearing on 2 pages on THE STAR newspaper !!
When All I had the interview was just on a phone call and believe me,
It was a Fun Conversation with the journalist ! 
The epic thing is the picture of me making up the girl on the right page -
That's the actress in the Norwegian film Anne og Arlet.. not one of the Zombies to be~~ 
Only One Male Matsaleh( Angmoh) in this Year Zombie Run though~~
On addition to this, Entering the 2nd and 5th Wave made me realize that it ain't easy to RIP OFF the Life of the participants ! Still recalling moments I almost fall from those tree roots and slopes.
The only time that hits me most is when a participant YELL RUDELY at me for ripping of their tags and accusing that I did on the front vest instead. Well, Zombies do not Talk but there and then I explained, ripping off from the red flag itself aint easy when a person is running as one hand grab would of course grabbed the parts of the vest. Yet, it wasnt on the front vest as when she turns, the back vest would seem like its at the front.

Bottom line, there as many participants that faced this and are strong enough to pull us off. If you're in a tug and war, the stronger one wins/ viceversa.  It's just a game, why so serious or "kia Su" ?? Nevertheless, it
's the Zombiessss job to rip off your life...
so..." don't play play~~"

Besides, those injured participants , I believed are mostly caused by accidents. We should be in content that this ain't the States whereby some killer could be among us with guns.
FIY, some zombies did got hurt as well.
Recalling a moment me and another Zombie grabbed onto a guy that ran fast by and ended up having a HEAD To HEAD BUMP !!!
I can tell u ...I swang and spinnned awhile ~~and hurt my pooor forehead....
Imagine that was on the last wave and I get into such !! 
What about those that entered since the first wave 8AM till Wave 5 at 6pm ??
There would be some accidents expectations and most of all, we are glad there isnt much serious injuries and no real deaths right !!

As for those who complains towards the organisers,
a feedback of improvement would be bestly described instead of a critism or complaints.

Listen, listen ,listen!
This aint a marathon which was organised by a "big event corporation" or organisation with lots of employees to gain sponsorship , publicity, etc ~~
This is just the first Awesome IDEA by a YOUNG Youth leader - Cha cha
Followed by volunteers ( from FB) and friends that believed in this idea .
If goodie bags/prizes are that important , then I would believe everyone paid for the Awesome IDEA And experience which no one would dare or start off.
Just like a vacation, you pay for the experience, or the shopping ?
Life is full of expectations, let go of the materialistic things and appreciate the EXPERIENCE for that's what means the most until we die...... Right ?
Besides, normal marathons wouldn't even need makeup ! And So... try asking girls how much their make up would cost then ~~
And above all, it's a first time event totally different concept compared to a marathon, it's all about teamwork, fitness, agility and alertness ! Just like contour strike only with defensing  and escaping skills in real life. 
And Oh ! the winners did it less than 15 min and they were extremely FIT !!!
This time, it would be much different than doing a SOLO Run~~
I believe such experience would still in the minds of the participants regretting of their actions or blaming the organisers or even zombies.

We all aren't perfect,and this first event would definitely be much better as I believe it is still AWESOME as it is the First in Malaysia and has GREAT Zombies in it ! ( Don't look down on us....We do our jobs...)
And...it's of course not easier than " ice and water"or catching catching games.
AND OF COURSE, THE NEXT KL Zombie Run would definitely be Better after all the feedbacks and comments ~! Appreciate those understanding and reasonable supportive humans !~ :D

Thanks for reading ! XOXO

(Photo credits to Christian Bjerknes- The Zombie in here n Photographer with NEX-5)

And of course, Video of such event with a GOPRO on the head !

XOXO~~<3 nbsp="">
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