Valentines Day 2013情人节快乐~

I Woke up this morning
and was shocked to find my bf was gone !
I then thought he went to swim and went back to my sleep
then I woke up again from a wet kiss felt on my cheeck ~
So there he was looking at me telling me to continue be in my dreams~

I stare at him and realized he wasn't wet from any swim instead stinky n sweaty
with a suspicious feeling.. I wanted to check out what's in the living room 
He pushed me back to bed anxiously and said : " Sleep my pig.."

Something feels so fishy right there so I just pretended and guessed 
" Must be some Norwegian breakfast- Salmon with Egg sandwich"
Yet this time I waited quite long !! Peeped into the hallway and see nothing on the dining table yet ~
DAMN !~~~~~

And at last........ I saw this 
I went like......... OMGGGGGGGGG

Seriously, what touched me most was that he never showered nor brushed his teeth and straight rush to cold storage to get "fresh" ingredients and cakes to Surprise me !
What I least expected was the nice decoration with roses....
Glad it wasn't a bouquet ~ such a waste of money 

It was the sweetest Breakfast I ever had that made me full for the whole day !
Bacon cheese Omelette with ham and cheese sandwich~ 

And so~~~ That was his surprise

Now my turn... 
It was after dinner and I got so lazy to think of anything to surprise....
While he was in the room~ 
I arranged these and got a Candle like Dessert time for us with some cocktail mix~
Bought some yummier cakes from Secret recipe~ 
OoooOoo~ Sooo yummyyy~
What a fattening day ~ XD

Here, I wana let most to know that Valentines is such a day to remind us to at least take some effort to shower your love ones not with materialistic things but some effort and time to make one realize how much to mean to them~ Even if its simplest way of presenting it~
In fact, I would prefer not being showered with flowers and luxuries as such would be more worth investing in the future or other means.
This relationship has been so meaningful to me as well as the longest I ever had .
To be honest, we have been having our valentines all the time and such day reminds us more of what we have been through together and how life is so great for us !
We appreciate and cherish our companionship~ 
Supporting each other emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually
through our travels and journey of faith.

Some would be envious but let me tell you~
Everyone has the choice to choose their life paths and there are always pros and cons
we are always envious of others 
but if we always stuck into our own pit and are always afraid of what is it to come
or the risks in life ~
Where can we find adventure or what we are enthusiastic about?
What we both know that we found that though we  are different in so our race, personality , cultures etc.
Our view upon life and passion to travel would bond us together 
allowing us to compliment each other in our own way.

Happy Valentines day to all 
As for the awesome Singles ! Be proud and never let others influence your feelings cause you guys have more choices and chances than the coupled ones ! 
Life is an adventure, you never date , you'll never know !

So Smile always! for who knows? Someone might fall for it~


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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