Alor Setar- Kuala Kedah


Alor Setar is located in Kedah, northern part of Peninsular Malaysia~
As in Alor Setar, it's famous for it's telecommunication tower, the mini version of Kl tower, known as Alor Setar Tower.
Due to the flat land in Alor Setar, the tower seem to stand out among all the houses around.
It's a quite town yet during Chinese New year it would be very popular as most would drop by here for a night before they go to Hatyai.
We drove to Kuala Kedah's port to see the fish market there.

And here, we see fishermen selling off their fishes at an extremly cheap price!
There were even this kind of fish !! 
I think they look cute~
And also baby sharks ~~ Hmm  pity sharks~
And also to my surprise, they sell FRESH COW / Buffalo Milk !
Ang mo : It does taste like the fresh milk back in Norway~
Mum drank it and had diarrhoea

And of course we tried a restaurant there with their famous fish curry !!!!
OMG!~ I Love their curry ! It was very cheap as well!

That's all for now~ 
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