Ang Moh experiencing his First Malaysian Chinese New Year!

Being a traveller, he always get the chance to see lion dance , performances , yet not celebrating a real Chinese New Year~

And so, this year , we brought him back all the way to ALOR Setar, Kedah.
Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia!
And so, he helped in placing money into Angpaos~
And Most of all receiving it !!!

He even helped to make some red packet decorations for our Christmas trees or plants!
Witness that much fireworks !
Witness some money paper burning for ancestors
Lighted up the Wish Lantern 
Tasted many days of homecooked Chinese new year dishes.
Played basketball without a net 
Helped out making some Newyear titbits~
Played fireworks with my nephews
Witness the Asian goodness to their elder folks~
Being the Unique one in the pictures
Ate Yummy Chinese dishes and again being the unique one of all .

And of course the visitation of relatives kind of "Bored" him as he wouldn't understand our language~
Alor Setar was definitely extremely HOT ! It's for the first time I ever seen him hiding into shades !
Usually in KL ,he would love the Sun but not in Alor Setar~~ The sun was a PAIN~~~
Nevertheless, the Ang pau was definitely a bonus for his this year !!

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