Ang Moh's Favourite food in Malaysia~

He has travelled so so many countries in Asia and still would Love Malaysia most!!
Because Malaysia has so much YUMMY FOOOD !!!
Before we met, his favourite food only could be Big apples and Old town white coffee.

Big Apple Donuts are still his favourite !!! 
It's so fresh and YUMMY !!!

And then, I brought him to Din tai fung main reason was to try the dumplings
but then it turned out the Beef ramen was his favourite !
SO Do I !!!
And then also, he tried his First chilli Pan mee ~
One of his favourite noodles !!
 (He always think noodles wont make him full but this one did some magic !)

And this, BBQ Pork rice or Sometimes served on Wan tan mee  is his All time favourite !
He could eat this almost everyday !!
When we had the Wan tan mee for the first time, the boss cheated us the price RM6 per plate.
Then , he regretted after realizing that this ANG MO everyday lunch would order the Wan tan mee.
After a month, the boss suddenly said he wasnt selling Wan tan mee anymore~
Ang Mo was superrrr sad and didnt had his wan tan mee for a week~
Lastly, I convinced him BBQ Pork rice is also good and then he liked BBQ pork rice then~

After 2 months, the boss resell back his Wan tan mee at RM4.50 !
Then I realized he did really cheated us ! ~~
 Oh Well, we are good with the Boss now though~~

And Yeah! Ang mo used to buy Old town white coffee from Old town untill he realized,
Other coffee shops make good white coffee too !

Last but not least, Our All time favourite !
Pork boiled with herbs !
Even our Japanese friends love it !

AND that's my Ang moh! :D

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