Crossing Malaysian border to Hatyai, Thailand Cheaply!~

We were in Alor Setar during CNY and thought WHY Not go to Hatyai itself? It's extremely near and why not bring my family to experience a backpacker way of travelling !

From Alor Setar, we drove to Changloon and dad asked for the price to rent a day Van to Hatyai~
RM300++ !!!!!  We were like OMG! NO WAY!
Then, we drove all the way to Bukit Kayu Hitam, parked at the Duty free parking and walked across the Border to the immigration ourselves!

This was my first time crossing through land to Thailand in this way as Singapore would be divided from us through sea.
Very surprised to have a Malaysian Gate that borders us ! And the difference is Of both borders are extreme !
It was Chinese New year and MANY were queuing for the immigration~
The weird thing is that..... WE from KL ~ had to Pay RM1 for the immigration , whereas Christian from Norway, didn't had to pay a single cent !!!

As we passed the immigration, entering DANOK~ 
Asking the Locals would also costs at least RM100 to get to Hatyai !
How can Thailand be that expensive??
So, we asked some helpful Malay Thais that told us to walk straight towards a 7eleven along that main road.
Then, we came upon so MANY People waiting there. 
We had to queue to buy ticket costing Rm5.6 per person to Hatyai ~!!
Now that's the PRICE !!
 However, that journey took us abour 1-2 hours ~what  a looonggggg ride ~ 
Btw, the Van they provided had aircond and was really worth the price !!

At last we reached Hatyai and walked around!
My parents was soooo tired of walking they just went for a massage instead.
What surprised us that Hatyai was decorated in Chinese new year ambience and there were so many Malaysians and Thais whom can speak mandarin~ !
And of course, Price wise wont be as cheap as Chiang Mai ~ 
Yet Cheaper than Malaysian price.

Looks yummy huh?? 
We Love the MCD there ! Their Egg Ham pie was SOOO YUMMY ! And of course the choices of Sundae ice cream toppings were just sooo much !!
We ate like 2 cups of ice cream!! 

Got these earings for Rm2 each!!! Super unique and nice !!!

And Of course to go back Danok, we have to get a tuk tuk About Rm2 per person to get to the Van area which will bring us back~ The last Van leaves at around 6-7pm~ 
And I realized we had an hour difference in Hatyai compared to Malaysia !
Its an hour less in Hatyai though~ We had more time there!

And so~ That budgeted trip was just a test for my parents and of course they realized how much we save ! Yet again, we went through of the process of being lost, waiting for Van, queuing up etc...
Now my family understands how we travelled all these while~ We had all the time , language barriers and much walking which aint suitable for their age now~

However , we learnt something new and would love to share to others in order they would know how to travel cheaply then ! 

Thanks for reading !


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