FMFA @SEPANG 2013 !!!

And so, this would be my first time to FMFA !
The Ang Moh convinced me to go this concert as he went last year and said it was AWESOME !
FMFA First day started with Christopher Tock and his GF !! <3 nbsp="" p="">
LOLed (Chris looks weird in the flower handbag)

As usual, it was a Friday night when we took off , so the traffic was crazy !! There was a slight traffic upon reaching the destination too ! Awww pity those who are late for their flight ~
Well, Im impressed by the way they organized as it's so far the BEST !!!
3 Check-in might sound crazy but its better than queuing up ONE CRAZY LOOOONGG Line !
Thumbs up for that!

and here's Jingy n Me posing in randomness~
We Bumped into KJ n his friend ~ Crazy pics with the balloons he made !
I even kidnapped one of his balloon later that~  : p

This was an amazing Lighted up balloons in bulk ! It's super gorgeous as night !
Most of all later they released them and the balloons looked as if they were stars blinking above !
We saw the ferris wheel and since AMIN was on the PLAY and we didnt wanted to sweat with the rest ,
we had this gorgeous view from above watching the crowds~~ 
The end of First day FmfA! Like my necklace?

Here's day 2 !!! We took the AEROBUS this time and arrive earlier !!! Of course we wouldnt miss taking the ferris wheel again and for the SUNSET!
It was gorgeous !!!!
This was the bunch of friends we came with ! They were Christian's buddy from last year's FMFA~
I had them trying MyBurgerLab from the stall and they agree it was SUPER YUMMY!!
LOOK AGAIN! I met Eddie !!! Lucky Media~~
This time they had fireworks !!!!! 
And we bump into Jessica !-Thejessicat and her Ang moh too !
Blond -Asians-Brunette~
OF COURSE, not missing out PSY !!!!
I got so clear view of him by sitting on AngMoh's shoulder !
We were both dancing together and got featured on the BIG Screen~
Got some Shot for FUN !
And that's all about this year's FMFA ! We had 2 FUN Sweaty days and I LOVE THE Ferris wheel so much~ ! Even danced on it ! It's amazing~~ !


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