I Ate Whale,Horse,Reindeer and moose Meat !- Review

In Bergen, Norway, tourists that visits the fish market are able to test Whale meat ! And so being curious of how Whale meat would taste like ~ I tried it !

It surprises me that Whale meat would be such dark in colour and this would be the Smoked /cured whale meat.

When I took my first bite, it was hard yet not chewy~ but then slowly after you swallowed all and then the Strong Taste comes into your taste bud which gives a strong fishy liverish taste.

And also you will be able to try out Whale meat steak for about Rm50! Not bad price huh for a steak~ ! So, my reckon is, try out the curd ones and if you like it , have the steak as your meal then if you visit Bergen!
Whereas, Horse meat is also available in Norway and you could get from Meny Mart .
This is a picture of a cured Horse meat as well.
Cured method is very popular in Norway as it lasts long and they could have this with bread.
Norwegian bread is just so yummy ! Im missing it !

Here's how it looks like and to my surprise , it's a thin slice  that give a little gamey flavor after several chews on it ~

Here, On the left with a lighter tone would be Moose meat and right the Reindeer meat.
As I have tried, I love Moose meat the most ! It's not very strong in taste and I love the texture of the cured meat as you chew on it ~ 

And here's how my Lunch looks like in Norway~
YUMMmm ~ I Love their Breads~~~
Healthy huh?
Norway is one of the country with high percentage of longest life span.
They eat healthy !

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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