It's Easy to Apply Japanese Visa for Malaysian!!!

Having heard from certain friends that Applying for Japanese Visa and getting it approved is HARD.
Some adviced me to get Japanese friends for reference, guarantor and even pay the agency to do the job for me~

Well, Im going for 4 weeks in Japan and has bank acc statement less than 10k.
My visa would be a holiday Visa

Well, I did listen to some and was worried as a worked as a freelance make up artist and dont have an employee letter.

So , I of course I printed out the form from the website, 
had my picture in white background and 4.5cm x4.5cm as requested.

Click- Japanese embassy Website 
And find what visa you need and fulfill their requirements~

I even wrote my itinerary like this~
22 March 2013- Visit Osaka Aquarium Kayukan, My Malaysian Contact,Umeda Hostel as accomodation
and So far so on~~ the rest were all written like some Hostel even I didnt make any reservations with these hostel yet.

I also had a guarantor letter stating I will be with my Bf and he will cover my expenses etc and Norway flight ticket to prove I will be back to Norway in June and of course my newspaper article of me to prove I'm a make up artist.

When we arrive the embassy, we had to write a form at the guard house, give our IC/ driving licence . Then enter, place our bags to be scanned and they would keep our handphones as well !

Then wait for the number to be called . It was 2pm a Tuesday afternoon and there were so many people ! I waited 45 mins. They only had one counter. When it was my turn, the lady rejected the guarantor letter, my norway ticket printout and makeup artist article.

She smiled and replied : Don't worry, we would definitely give you a month visa.
I was worried about my statement and she looked at it and said : Arhhh~ Don't worry ~~

Gave me a piece of paper to collect in 2 DAYS !
I was like OMG!!! It's that easy ???

It's located near to Prince Court Medical centre, 
about 10mins walk from Amapang Park LRT station.
Just Opposite Palace of Bombay restaurant~
11 Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

I got it on Thursday itself without waiting for number.
Just have to queue at the pick up point and got it !!

And here, I look like a ghost in this Visa print out ! 
It's also Foc!

So guys, dont worry !!! As long your photo is according to their requirements and gave all the details they need , you will get your VISA easily !!!

I can't wait to go JAPAN!!
Here's our travel plan 
Osaka ( Daito)- Hokkaido ( Sapporo,Noboribetsu, Toyoura)- Tokyo -Kamakura- Gotemba-Kyoto and back Osaka !

Ps : We are going Japan again this October to Okinawa ! :D


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