Longest Lou Sang in Malaysia

During the festive of Chinese New year, it's a popular thing whereby the Chinese Malaysians "Lou Sang"
This is the mixture of fresh fish slice -shashimi ( Also known in Chinese as 鱼生)and mixture of other colourful ingrediants which is nicely arranged first. Then, a group of people surrounding a plate of this would hold on their chopsticks and mix it together vigorously  (that's what most people do ) and saying some prosperity wishes and greetings while doing it to give luck for their new year !

And so, our government decided to make the longest Lou Sang to place in Malaysian book of records, beating down last year's longest Lou Sang held in Jaya One.
It starts with a decoration of our Malaysian Flag ~  this isnt the normal Lou Sang colour though~

The lane front of Pavillion was totally blocked for this event~

They even had given bags with prints of our 1 Malaysia given out to public and also this Man hired to wear as chinese God of fortune to give out Red Packets with TOTO #Jackpot numbers to the public.
See how many people wants it huh !
Christian is taking picture with his Zodiac ! :D 
Nice decorations in Pavillion and I Asked this Ang Moh:
Do you like the taste of Lou Sang
He replied : ERM No ~ 

credits to my photographer-- Christian Bjerknes !
And obviously, i gained some weight during CNY! Urghh cant avoid it ~>_<

Nice performance of this Lion Dance ! I always enjoy their stunts, it's just cuteyet dangerous especially watching them jumping on stilts!!! SALUT!
Last pic was really awkward, this guard has the name of PENTAGON !?? 

And Where this the leftovers Lou Sang went?
Some Uncle, Aunty ,Ah Sam, Ah Seng, AH Lian Take away them~
Whereas the rest is gone into the Bin~
Guess we shuld find some way to make this lou sang taste better so that there wont be much food wastage !

That's all for now~ 


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