Pulau Ketam- Crab Island


If you are looking to view an interesting lifestyle in KL, why not take a day trip to Pulau Ketam.
It's a muddy island of a majority chinese community built on stilts. No cars or motorbike allowed to be on this island.

To come here - TAKE KTM all the way to KLANG port
From there you can just walk to take this boat costing RM6 per person - it's full air-conditioned and with TV
It's an hour plus ride so be ready to sleep in it~
Here are the tiny crabs on the island. ( I suppose that's how they name it as Crab island)
PS : Water here isn't clean and clear though~

And When you arrive , RENT a bicycle for RM5 per day~ 
Start exploring this land ! It may seem small but believe me, it's a lot of lanes and there are uphill bridges
YOU SEE THIS!! OMG~ It's so tiring~~

Not for this Norwegian cyclist though~ He fell in love with this place !
It's so Rural and Unique for him!
During low tide, you will be able to see the muds~ Lots of them work as a fisherman here thus there are many fisherman boats ~ :D ( Not as pretty as the ones in  Norway~ )
And of course, houses here doesnt have high fencing , they are not worried of any snatch thieves or even buglers~ 

Lastly, this place is also famous for sea food so why not try out their seafood and experience and see a different side of KL ~

Thanks for reading!

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