Tips to travel in Norway on a Budget

1# As a Malaysian, we have 90days period in Norway without needing a VISA ~ So, no worries about that.

2#There is a budget airline to Norway ( Norwegian Air) that flies to Bangkok - You can purchase cheap flight tickets.

3#Buy distance train tickets online months before as they will have discounts up to 70% .

4# Always have bottle of water and water can be refilled in toilets.( Water from tap in Norway is safe and GOOD!!!) ie- Opera house, rural area- find petrol stations or malls

5# Buy food ingredients from Marts- ie (REMA1000 , Kiwi , RIMI , BunPris) instead of Kiosks(Narvesen , Deli de luca, 7Eleven)

6# Cheap ingredients for travels -Bread, first choice chocolate spread, caviar tube

7# Avoid buying cigarette or drinking. Extremely expensive for these.

8# Always try to take away in restaurants or cafe. Extra Service tax will be charged on customers that dine in or sit in the cafe.

9#  Try set up your own camping tent, there are places to tent during summer which mostly are further out.

10# You may try hitch hiking .

11# For Cheap souvenirs, if you find stalls and in Oslo, if the person whom sells is Mediterranean, you can try bargain a little. However, its best not to bargain with norwegians. I found cheap souvenirs in Bergen among the stalls near fish market. It's way cheaper than the ones in Oslo.

12# If you have a Student ID, USE IT for long distance bus fares. You will get a cheaper discount rate. Either way, buy online and show the bus driver the booking number or image from your phone.Bus station is just beside the central train station in Oslo.

13# WALK or Hike instead of taking a ride on a cable car. If you are fit enough, try hiking while enjoying the view ! For small mountains ei- Mt ulriken  (tallest in Bergen) it's just a few hours hike~~

14# Look out for cheap offers for cruise through online. Sometimes if you're lucky, you can just get a 3D2N cruise to Germany for RM250 !

15# Avoid buying tours to enter museums or sightseeing, you can walk or take buses there instead.

16# To view traditional Norwegian house- train to Frognerseteran to view them and walk down to Holmenkollen to view the Ski Jump - FOC to visit these places.

16#Never take Taxis, charging rate is extremely expensive !

17# In Bergen,you can get to try curd whale meat or salmons. Prices sold at the fish market are much more expensive. However it would be much fresh than ones in  marts.

18# Try Couchsurfing and find local host to give u place to stay and bring you around or stay at friend's house

19# For those in EU, you can work in Norway for part time jobs. However for those under tourists visa, such as Malaysians, we are not allowed to work under that visa.

Here are some photos of me in Norway~

 Molde, Norway

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