Train/ Keretapi Sarong in Malaysia 2013!

YES ! I joined Keretapi Sarong this year !!! For those who wonder what Sarong is~ It's the local tradition wear of Malay culture whereby those days Sarong was their main wear. For Men, most textiles were made of Songket(Checkered design) Whereas for female, Batik  (Texture made of Wax and dye) was one of their wear. Most would wear nothing underneath their Sarong back in those days.

That Saturday, start from 3pm till 4~ On going,all the Sarong peeps would hop on and off the LRT STAR and PUTRAtrain~~~~ We flooded the whole train and had fun meeting and making new friends.
Im wearing Batik ! :D Loving these traditional wear~
It's so easy to wear them, just tie around the waist !

And so, from PUDU/ Titiwangsa ~We all headed to One destination - AMPANG Park

From there, we all walked Like a BOSS ! to a restaurant nearby to gather and walk then together to KLCC park
It was raining around KL titiwangsa area but never came to KLCC ! :D So glad !
This is a group of us from CS ! It's an amazing site for us to meet up new friends all over the world!
And so we gathered in a Round for group photos ! :D Look at the amount of people ~ 
One nation united through SARONG !
As Stated: I'm Wearing Sarong, Im not a Terrorist ~
RIGHT in front of a mosque !! LOL
Super Mario Even wears Sarong !!

And This, would be a guy that looks like ancient ( He should came topless- that's the real traditional look)
They would put some powder on the face which is good for their skin~ 
 I can prove he isn't Muslim ~ :p  
As he Stated : My first Sarong is when I got my first "cut"
SEEE, in this generation, we wear something underneath a Sarong ! :P

Here again , the energizer bunny entrepreneur ~ Chris Tock again!
Look how Chubby he is now !!! :P
I was trying to tackle him but......... I gave up~ 
Too heavy for me ~ ;p

That's all about the Sarong event, 
Guards in KLCC was trying to chase us off but failed 
and WE proved that Unity of Malaysians can be shown through this simple gatherings and that we are able to live peacefully despite of the difference in culture and religions.

Photo credits to Andy and Christian Bjerknes
All Rights reserved



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