Where to buy CHEAP female stuffs (coats, lens, masks) in Korea!

Most would know that Korea is famous for cheap facial products but yet to figure out that there are other cheap stuffs available there as well !
Especially for those who fancy Korean's coats, and if you are there with a tour that brings you to a mall,
you wont be able to find cheap coats around.
And if you are on a free and easy tour or backpacking just like I did ,
I found out some extremely cheap coats which doesn't even require any bargaining skills.
One thing I'm glad of that Koreans will not try to cheat you or scam with high prices even for tourists.

And so, here's a coat I got from Namdaemun Night Market for a stall selling it for 
8000won which is about RM24 ~
Compared purchasing in from some branded store, this isnt bad quality and does keep me warm too !

One fine Saturday we were just walking around Dongdaemun and realized part of it was filled with stalls !
It was around 5pm and most were starting to close !~ However, we was lucky to find this Blue coat  it's my favourite !! And only for 5000won ! Rm15 ~ It's a shocking price for me as this is a very nice design.
As compared we shoped in Doota mall and some other malls, the prices were about Rm60 above ! No way we could ever get this price !

And also I got some boots from that Market around there also ! 
Left costs 8000won = Rm24
Black with inner heels boots = 120000won =RM36
Far Right= 10000won= RM30

Not bad huh ? The boots I got in Norway costs above Rm100~ so these were extreme bargain for me and thus it's quite comfy !

As for facial masks, Myeongdong is famous for beauty products but not only that,
as it's my first night walking around and my plan was to purchase products the day before I leave,
so that night got me so MANY FREE MASKS!
I just had to do some window shopping, going in and check out their products , well, It also allowed me to tests their products and Of course, I bought Laniege Water bank essence there for about RM60  (with more free samples ) and BTRC and Nature Republic Aloe gel  RM12 ~ and more maskss
It was super worth !!!

Lastly, I got these cheap lens from an optical store in Busan.
The optical shop was Davichi and these lenses only cost RM15 =5000won with power !
and of course the container was FOC !
Of course they would inform these lenses is advisable to use for 3 months and yes ! It's very comfy and has very natural design~ 
It's after 3 months of using them now and too bad I have to dispose them~ 
If i ever go back there again , I would definitely buy them again !!!

Other than that ! I got these two tops frm Seogwipo Jeju island 
This green stripes top was only 2000won= Rm6 !!!
And of course this nude single also was the same price!
What a steal !! :D

And so that's the prices you would rather expect to get from Korea if you want to shop on a budget like me! 
Thanks for reading !


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