Backpacking in Japan Part1

We are BACK from JAPAN at last !!
We decided to have one month try to travel some famous parts in Japan and 
it all started from OSAKA .

It is my First time to Japan ! I was super excited !
My dream came true!!!
In order to experience both season - Spring and Winter ~ We took a flight to Hokkaido to experience the thick snow and crazy cold weather there ! 
Well , it was super worth it !
Especially having a Hot Onsen (Hot spring) Bath amongst the snow.
 Here's how an onsen look like -mostly in resorts. They have indoor and outdoor and costs around 800- 1500Yen 

One experience I would never forget !

Here's some highlights of of journey that we are super proud and would love to SHARE with you guys ~

Travelling a month would definitely cost a lot in Japan , yet to be honest,
we spent less than two thousand dollars on our whole trip including our shopping etc here !

Of course, we did not follow along where the sakura went and just HOPE where we ended would have Sakuras and to our surprise, we were at the RIGHT time and the best Sakura we saw had the BEST View
Splendid view !!
Our bus from Gotenba there took only half hour but yet costs about 20 dollars !
We even tried hitch hiking- with the tumbs up method ( but failed )
So, we asked the locals around instead and that method of Hitch-hiking worked !
PhotoCredits Christian Bjerknes

The Man that made my childhood dream come true ~

Here's now in Noboribetsu- Hell Valley
Most people would just walk around the hell valley area which smells like Sulfur..
Just like the two peeps behind me !   What a jump SHOT! ;p
Whereas, we could rent boots FOC to walk in the snowy hills~

And reach to this natural FOOOT SPA !!!
Natural River Onsen~
Yet, the water is kinda blackish muddy~ Not good for swimming ~
Here's in Murouran, at a fishermen village.
We were very welcomed by the villagers here !
They even offered us to come in their house and have some drinks.
Communication was the barrier but yet the warmth and their smile was the thing that warmth our hearts in this cold weather.

OHHH!! I got a picture with a real SUMO on the street though~
So.... Me being a SUMO ?? And BILLIKEN ( Some gold statue)
is popular in Osaka and Everywhere in front of most shops
It's said touching it's foot would bring you wealth~
Tokyo- Meiji Jingu Shrine ! 
We got to witness a traditional Japanese wedding !
Surprisingly it was a mix marriage 
And Shinjuku was AMAZINGLY Interesting !!
Erotic Robotic Shows~ and tiny bars which has cover charges was just something we could never find other parts of this planet !

NARA ! Is a place for Deer lovers especially !
I felt so sorry for the deers that got their antlers cut off ~
Oh well, It looks better on me though~ ;p
We had a HANAMI Party ( Drinking by the river)*under a cherry blossom tree*
which ZOMBIES!
Well, now, I can say Im an International Makeup Artist then ~
Even got the chance to makeup Japanese peeps as zombies ! :p

Here's some place in Kamakura - Sasuke Shrine whereby we found so many Naruto Statues !
This town is just so interesting !
We even found a Shrine that was hidden in a cave and that we had to shower our money for double blessings!
And then to Atami, the Tsunami dangered city with Geysers!

Lastly, we flew back from Nagasaki to KL.

Also recently I have been busy with work and here's some of the artpeice of it ~
View more at Feliciazoe Makeup
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Would post more of my latest photoshoot pics~ 

Felicia Zoe 


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