Hello from Nippon !!


Hi Guys !
Greetings frm Japan and in a blink of an eye im already 2 weeks in Japan experiencing all kinds of weather !!
Our first destination was Osaka whereby i got to try out their various Okonomiyaki -which doesnt haave Unagi or abalone in it !! Saw their cherry blossoms and deers at Nara and did some shopping !! Osaka is really cheap !! Cant wait to blog.about how cheap the stuffs i got frm there !!!
I was wearing 6 layers in SAPPORO !! but yet the best thing is that it was snowing !!! (Weeee!!)
Not too much snow though.. hate it when it hits my face n melt off my make up..  We went the beer factory, got cheap beer and went on exploring lake toya-(awesome first onsen with mount and lake view !!), noboribetsu-(Hell valley and had choc stout !), niseko (seaweed onsen while snowing !!)and murouran-( a laid back town with sea views frm cliffs)
Then we got to Tokyo !!
OMG ! THE TRAIN SYSTEM is like some airport !! So many lines @-@
It was raining at Shibuya and did looked like (Resident evil) Scene !!! And nex morning it was a storm that almost ruined our umbrella !! But then the other 2 days was great weather totally warm !
Again !! We found cheap shopping spots ! Not only 100yen shops but also shoes for 500yen !!will blog later about that ! ;p
There are also some FOC spots to get up for nice view of tokyo and so... u dont have to pay for sky tree or tokyo tower ;p!
WE were lucky to get to see the traditional wedding ceremony at Meiji jingu shrine !!
Of course food !!!
We had Yoshinoya280¥ (yummy beef ), Matsuya-280¥ (yummy beef rice with free miso soup !)-gotta use a machine for.it though(tips#look at the picture), coco curry house etc which are below 500yen ! No point buying 7eleven foods or Mos burger.. small portion and about same price!
And now... we are livin in Wander Kitchen in Kamakura ! The old town near Tokyo and our next adventure would be a Steel Penis festival happening in Kawasaki !!!


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