CouchSurfing VS Hostel


If you have never heard of Couchsurfing , here's some info to let you know about this site which we truly recommend of if you want to meet locals and experience awesome stuff while you're travelling.

CLICK here for CouchSurfiing ( CS) webpage

So, this website would bring us to finding out who we would like to meet up or stay with when we travel out of our country. For instance, we had tried Couchsurfing in Norway ( Bergen and Stavanger), Korea ( Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan,Jeju island and Jeonju), Japan ( Osaka, Hokkaido, Tokyo , Kamakura, Gotemba, Nagoya, and Kyoto )

So, how do you start requesting to stay or meet up with your host?
 Step 1: Create an Account !  Complete your profile details
Step 2 :  Search for the location you are going to  eg : Busan,Korea
Step 3 : Look for a host~ Read their profile ( Check for their positive /negative comments !)
             - Most of all check their couch and availability for how many person !
Step 4: CLICK  Send CouchRequest to XXX !
            -Fill up the dates you're arriving and write down an Awesome introductory of yourself !
Introduce yourself and explain a bit about your trip:
I'm Felicia a special-effect Makeup Artist from Malaysia (Zombies!)! and I would be travelling with my boyfriend Christian- Journalist from Norway  to JAPAN ! We will arrive in XXX around April 10 and plan to stay 1-2 nights. Christian has been to Japan 3 times before and Loves it so much he always keeps coming back!  Yet, this would be my first time to Japan and it’s my dream come true !!!!
We are planning to stay Japan 4 weeks and will be visiting Osaka, Sapporo, Hakodate, Tokyo, Fuji/Hakone, Shizouka, and Kyoto! We are non-smokers,  clean and tidy couple which respects all kinds of culture. Energizer bunny , That’s us !  Cause we would walk a lot or even hike to take awesome photos and will be still able to dance and sing( karaoke!!) to entertain you after that ! Nevertheless we would love to share our crazy travelling experiences as well as my Chinese Malaysian culture( Food!!!)  that is in contrast with the Norwegian culture !  Most of all, we are super bubbly and friendly couple with a Bright smile always on our face that will light up your days ! You won’t regret hosting us !

Tell your host why you'd like to meet them:
 ( READ THEIR PROFILE Before writing this !!! )

EG : Hey HUGO ! 
I can't believe Norway would be your dream country to visit ! We would be extremely glad to share about Norway and parts to visit there or even Malaysia~  Don't worry about your dog~ We are animal lovers and wouldnt mind about it and most of all would love to spend time knowing you and hang out together ! Hope to hear from you soon ! 
Felicia and Christian.

Step 5:SEND ! And wait for reply ~

PS : Some would take weeks to reply you so please request for more hosts instead  ~ 

 Alright~ This thing we would usually send a month before our trip and would plan and organise our travel location beforehand.

Alright ~ Now let's compare Backpacking Alone Vs Couchsurfing ( CS)!

To Contribute something to the place to visit -    CS 
To build friendship with others -                         CS
To challenge my abilities                                Both 

To experience once in a lifetime activities    CS

To attend special events                              CS

To gain experiences to share with family and  friendsCS

To explore other cultures


To increase my knowledge

To interact with local people
To dip into the local life                CS

To travel on a low budget - Both

To travel for as long as possible - Both
To organize one's own journey

To get off the beaten track-Both

To be free, independent, and open-minded

To discover myself -

Get to know locals through meetings (e.g. language exchange)

Attending a typical folklore event

Attending ceremonies      CS

Meeting friends/relatives of the host/local -CS

Bottom line, if you seek for self improvement, self knowing , independence and solitary , I would recommend backpacking ~  
Instead for those whom are sociable and love culture, people and making friends ! Do join couchsurfing and even if you're not interested in surfing, you could just "PoP' up some event or meetings held in the particular country and make new friends and locals ! Who knows, you might even meet the love of your life ! 

Any questions regarding this ~ just pop a comment or msg me privately on my facebook page ~ :D  All the best !
Couchsurfing has made all my travels amazingly awesome ! So much more to talk about our CS experience in Japan ! We got to stay in a traditional Ninja like house and even a restaurant behind a hidden wall !

So, stay tuned for my next update about our crazy adventure in Japan !

So sorry for the late update as I had been busy these weeks !

Here's some latest pic of my latest modelling update !

Thanks for reading !


IT'S SUPER FELI Here to KICK some Bad-ass in our Nation !!!!



HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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