Rambling about Politics~

Hi Guys~ 

I had never shown interest in politics before nor even read much of the newspaper.
However, as I first stepped out into the world and start my own travelling journey , I realised so much , compared so much and yet come back to Malaysia feeling home and relief.

When I travel and meet strangers or made a new friend , I would always tell them to come Malaysia and EAT our food and see KLCC and experience some gorgeous tropical nature we have. I would always brag about how talented our people are and unique in our ways as we speak of different languages and of different skin colour and yet are able to communicate in an extremely unique way.( A mixture of different languages in a sentence ~)

Then again, meeting strangers and knowing more about their country brings sadness into me as I slowly realise that we do not have any equality.
Being proud to be a Malaysian, yet sad to be categorised as a "Chinese" Malaysian as we are low prioritised in benefits from properties till education. We were taught to strive for the Best as we were told that there is a tough competition for our race. In the end, most would just give up and accept the fact whereby we aren't the special race that deserves that. In the end, most would just be a hypocrite and place the anger towards the government on that particular race. In the end, we are just lazy to bother about what Changes we could make in order for our future generations as we are just afraid of the change or maybe used to such inequality.

Another thing that worries me is the increasing amount of crime rates here . Thanks to Facebook, being updated instantly of all the crime issues just reminds me of back then my grandma got robbed in Subang Jaya. Since then, I would always carry my handbag other way when I walk along the street and be cautious when I am alone. It has then became a habit like I'm some soldier in the war..  got to be alert! 
Well, the sad thing that polices here that I've encountered only asked for bribes and my number.
Do we have to live in such fear and get use to such situation and also allow our future generation to face such in future? Life isn't like this in other countries. Our country produces Oil and so as Norway. Norway is bigger than Malaysia geographically, has the amount of population approximately similar to Singapore and are able to provide wealth to all the people so their people are able to survive. Their country is beautiful but yet they always need to fix their roads and railway yearly due to the harmful winter. Their people needed more food and clothes to survive winter. And of course overall they would need a higher expenditure to survive compared to us whereby we got cheap food , good weather and less clothes to wear. We can even survive without aircond ! So , why should we suffer ? Why do we still have more poverty than them?
Think about where all our hard work tax have gone to?
Then think again if they have not gone to the wrong hands, instead to the poor, to better education and those whom serves our country, will we have to fear of those crimes again?

Of all of these years, our great grandparents went through so much and yet fooled by the eyes of our media. 
Thanks to internet, information is free and most would know and even some secrets from years back were revealed. How can we still trust under such government ship which empowered us for many years ?

Bottom line, the decision lies individually and I hope and pray for the Change and for the better - Our Beloved Malaysia.


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