How to connect Samsung Kies Wireless to Samsung tab GT-P1000T

SO, my samsung tab's charger broken and I accidently bought an OEM USB charger which wasnt the right volt for my charger. It also affected my USB mode from mounting into the pc. 
Thus, I tried to connect through wireless and it works !

Here's a print screen of instruction from Download Samsung Kies for Windows XP and 7 , which later i found out due to the old software of my tab, it cant connect automatically to the software.

After following all these instructions, 
I had to download Samsung Kies Air App on my tab
Do not connect to USB while using this app.

Install it and it will instruct you on the app itself.

*Connect your Phone's WIFI to the same WIFI you are connected with on your PC in order to have the same IP Address.

The app will first instruct you to key in URL (eg: http://192.1.146.:800 )on your internet browser ( Google chrome, mozzila/ Internet Explorer)

It will then appear a page whereby you have to insert the pin code 4 digits appearing on your tab .EG: 9001

Insert the numbers and it will then start to connect your folders through the web.

You dont even need to install Samsung Kies on your PC ! 

Do not that it's best to have JAVA installed on your pc as without Java the max transfer can only be 100MB.

All the best !!


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