World Venture a scam?

Here's a piece of advice to those who wants to travel cheaply , without tours and ready for an adventure then i can tell you world venture isn't the total cheap deal.

 WorldVentures is a United States privately-owned network marketing and lifestyle company, specializing in leisure discounts in means you have to pay some kind of membership fee and earn by enrolling friends/ others into it.

Well, for those whom prefer getting good deals for a 4 -5 star hotel, travel in a group of like 5 above , being inflexible ,fickle minded  and have a comfortable vacation then you might not prefer my advice instead.

Also,If you are keen to make money while travelling with friends and keep up in those kind of marketing schemes, enjoying tours like how normal people do... see popular tourist attraction, relax in hotel, stay with the same group of friends or relatives without knowing how the true life of the people living in the country. Then my advice wouldn't be appropriate for you.Again, I cant claim it as a scam but as a personal opinion and being able to travel to many places, I realized that there are much cheaper ways of travels.

SO here's some of my tips to travel cheaper than what that would be able to offer you !!


As for flights, if you want cheap flights,

1* Keep updated with all the cheap airlines- ( Cebu Pacific, JetStar,Malindo Air, Raynair,AirAsia etc)
2* Know when are the discounts and be ready to go through the night clicking like crazy times and willing to wait as the network page might be down or overloaded. ( of course, click the cheapest ! the cheapest we have was Cebu pacific during their sales for 1php and total Rm60 return KL - Philiphines)
3* Willing to plan it ahead a year - Bookings a year ahead and be sure you will definitely be free that period.
4*Lastly, make sure your credit card is still working  and be sure the details you enter is confirmed !!!

TIPS 2# How to get CHEAP Accomodation

I recommend Travel wikipedia ( it states the prices and discounts in much details)

As for accomodation ,
For well develop countries, Korea, Japan , Singapore ,Europe,Norway etc
Do some online research as there might be discounts for trains, hotels(, etc), Hostels ( Hostel
or Try COUCHSURFING.COM( Whereby you get to meet hosts and make new friends abroad)- read here to know what couchsurfing is )

-For instance, Korea tourism provides free buses from Seoul - Jeonju daily. Yet you have to book it online in advance and its not avail during public holidays.

-As for Japan, sometimes they do have bus discounts from Tokyo- Osaka which might be the same price from Gotemba to Nagoya which is a shorter distance.
As for cheap train tickets in the city, some places like Osaka- Namba they have shops that provide cheaper train discounts- about RM3 discount cheaper

-Norway's normal train ride from Oslo to Bergen would cost at least RM400 - However, if you have planned earlier, book it online and might get it 70percent discount cheaper. There are also discount for cruises from Oslo to Kjeil(Germany) sometimes which cost about RM200++ for 3 days 2 nights.

Now , as  for those not develop countries... Indonesia, Vietnam etc.

You know how cheap these places can be but there isn't a fix price somehow and you always worry about being cheated ~
So, Just BARGAIN !!!!!

Most online tours are over highly charged as locals ( Indonesians) would not pay tours. For instance the hike to Lombok, Mt Rinjani costs us RM300 per person including accomodation etc but then , a local friend told us they only paid RM100 per person, Again , you might have to go through a crazy hassle to bargain with many of them or go through their poor public transport or rented motorbike.

Then again, its your choice to go through such adventure or just relax and let the tours handle as the feeling of bargaining and feeling cheated might be tiring for some others.

For accomodation in Lombok- Gilli trawangan, our most decent hostel ( it's actually a chalet, nice open air private bathroom and 2 bed cost RM30 per night ) After bargaining and that was the cheapest we could ever found though.
However in Ubud Bali, the cheapest was Rm15 per night ! Well, every places would surprise us. We had our indonesian friend to buy us 3 mangos and it costs Rm1.60 for all 3 ! ~
And from the lombak mainland to the gili island, I found out that locals pay RM3 per way for the ferry whereas we pay Rm30 inclusive ferry and van to Kuta Lombok~
*I suppose being with my Ang Moh bf would be the reason of being cheated all the time even though i could speak bahasa ~

Vietnam on the other hand was a total couchsurfing experience ! Thus, I had vietnamese hosts with me all the time to translate for me and it was a great experience as they ride me on their bike and fetch me whereever i wana go ! Btw I did a hair wash and treatment in a Vietnamese house for RM10 and had a tailor made gown for Rm150. Most of the further tourist location i went were bought through tours in vietnam itself costing about Rm25 ++ for the trip to Chuchi tunnel and their vase making factory.Whereas in Hanoi was  Rm40++ for the trip to Hoa lu whereby the Vietnamese row the boats with their legs. Awesome experience  !
* In Hoalu, I got ripped off RM50 for a can of redbull and some crackers as i was confused with the currency. So beware, at the end where they row, some lady in boats would try to sell you some stuff, give the minimum amount as they would not give change back nor tell you how much it costs* I complaint to my tour guide and he went to ask the boat ppl and he came back being yell and scold by those people. I felt so sorry for him though.


If you forgot to book your hotel / hostels its okay, as long you get there, survival skill is definitely needed !
Remember dont be afraid to ask and learn some of their language.
First thing first when you arrive either airport, train station, bus station, whatever location go to the TOURIST information centre ! Get their map and ask for advises then you are ready to go !
Dont worry about asking the locals, they are always nice and helpful if you have a smile on your face ;D
After all, it's the people that forms the country, try interacting with them and you might be surprise how humanity kindness could be ! They will be the ones that might make your travel much more meaningful !

If you have more questions, just comment below or find me on my facebook ! :D
SO WHAT? Start planning your next trip now !!

I would be going back to Norway soon and will be updating more then !
Other than that,do keep updated as later in September im heading to Phillipines, Taiwan and most likey Japan again ! - Okinawa Island !!!!!!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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