Backpacking in Hokkaido

It has been 2 months since we got back from Japan and I want to share this experience of mine in Hokkaido with you guys. Most would know that transportation and accommodation wise in Hokkaido would be much more expensive than the mainland Japan. Well, it is TRUE.
As for those who don't know what Couch surfing is, do refer to my previous post Here.

As we arrived Sapporo , it was snowing !! 
It's my first snow fall experience and I was super delighted !! 
Without wearing proper jacket I just rush out of the airport and gaze at these snow flakes.
Then we took a bus into the centre of the city as it was cheaper than the train~ 
I got snow blindness from looking out of the window !
After walking some time in the city, OUTDOOR~ I started to feel how cold it is !
We end up entering most of the Marts- Lawson, drugstore ,7 eleven ( btw, no free wifi in Hokkaido) to warm our hand with their warm canned coffee by the counter.
Look how thick the pil of snow till it cover the information boards !
Here's one of the oldest clock tower in Hokkaido~ 
What more famous is the Sapporo Beer Factory ! Its free entry for their museum as well as their freshly brewed beers are sold cheaply there for only 300-350 Y
Here's a night view of Sapporo tower. These kind of towers are similar most parts of Japan as its their communication tower.
There is a famous food in Hokkaido names as the -Jengiskhan; which is served right beside the beer factory !
We tried that in Noboribetsu but yet we heard the popular one would be the one beside the beer factory.
One thing interesting about the Japanese casino which is popularly known as PACHINKO are of very animated games.
Japanese buys tiny metal ball worth 1Y and mostly would buy bagsa and crates of it as a sort of Gambling Chip inserting into the machines.
So once you enter this Pachinko area, its full of Smoke and extremely noisy as you can hear the rumbling sounds of millions of metal balls colliding into the machine.
Here is our Host HOUSE ! 
He lives in a very Old Traditional Japanese wooden house which was fully covered by the snow !!
Look like this entrance pathway !! I even break out a small ice stalagmite!! 
This old     house actually reminded me of JU-ON as at night I would try not to drink much water to go to the toilet !!
The energy saving light barely lit the pathway leading to the toilet which is located at the very far end. More over the old architecture of this house creeps me out !
 Well, now u know i have some wild imaginations~ :P

After Sapporo We took the early bus towards Toya Lake !
It wasn't a great weather , so we decided to go for ONSEN ! 
And it was my first onsen~~ Cost 400Y ( which i thought was pricey~)
But then it had this open air view of the lake and the sleeping volcanos in the middle of it ~ 
AMAZING ! The best thing was that i was alone and got all the outdoor view to myself on top on the hotel!
Well, to be surprise, being naked in outdoor after a hot long dip in the onsen feels amazingly nice !
You wont feel cold ! After awhile of course felt the cold but then when you dip inside the hot bath again, Arhhh it feels amazing !!!
Next time i gotta try the swedish way throwing snow onto my body~ ;p

And after our Onsen, we went to try out Miso Ramen ! Hokkaido is famous for their Miso ramen and indeed this was a yummy worth 800Y Ramen !
This was the lady chef here~ 
Toya town looks like a ghost town during the winter but according to our host, it's packed during summer as there is a firework festival by the lake~
Awwww im gonna miss that !!
And also they said summer is like "heaven" in Hokkaido as there are crazy amount of flowers park and garden and also it wont get hot  and extremely warm in Hokkaido~ 

  He then brought us to his friend's stationery shop and WOAH! I spotted so many Gundam toys ~!! Even those crazy limited edition ones !  And all were very well kept... there came his friend ( a typical Otaku (jap nerd) look and I think he was very funny. Couldnt communicate with him but he always had a warm smile and cute laughter on his face~ !

 And when we got back to our room , i was soo happy to see this DORAEMON CLOSET !!!
Straight on I went inside and our host told us.... that's a closet, meant for kids to sleep in there. OOPSSS!
But Im so happy to find something familiar that I've seen on those Japanese cartoon since I was a kid~ OK
My dream came true.. I felt like Doraemon for once~ ;p

Next day, we had a great start searching for Precious Spring Water !!!
The snow has covered so much trail that we lost our way so many times and at last! we found this refreshing spring water : so called Bear water !
How cute to have such statue with spring water flowing out !
and then we headed to the famous -SHU CREAM  aka Cream puff ! OMG
It's so much better than Bread Papa! It's bigger and crispier and YUmmmmm Good milk for their cream~ 
And it comes with good packaging too !
We then headed to their friend's place and got chased by these cute Siberian huskies ~
They look so happy in winter !
Those huskies in Malaysia must be envious~ ;p
And here comes to their SNAIL HOUSE !
It's winter so the whole house is covered by snow !
However, according to our host their friend bought part of the forest and built this house from scratch !
WOW !! 2 person building this house !!
It's not big but super unique and WARM!
The walls are made of thick wood logs and cement and they are selling a fire chamber that is safe for heating and also as an oven ~

And they were soooo lovely serving these yummy tea snacks which is so europian style !
except for their cute Japanese plates~ 

And also because they live in the woods, their toilet is the Combustion technique... We really saw the FIRE !!

We then had a great night at a Seaweed Onsen bath and headed back while it was snowing heavily !
This is how our windscreen looks like !! Seems like some white fireworks to me ~ But then we also felt the danger cause the road is extremely slippery ~ 
The next day we got to this station heading to our next destination - Horobetsu and Wallaaaa !!
The station manager allows ppl to Cosplay their costume~ 
Had to ask the station manager though~ 
How cute Christian look like some Japanese train station officer eyh ~

YES ! We arrived Noboribetsu takes like 20 min bus ride from Horobetsu !!!
The famous Hell Valley 
Whereby you can see streams of steaming hot water even during winter !
This whole place smell of sulfur... like Rotten eggs ~ 
Well, i dont think it stinks~ cuz i LOVVVE Eggs  
dont care if its rotten or not ~~~ made me hungry instead ;p
And here is our host and her friend ! They were teachers in Horobetsu and it was a fun time with them !
Yeah ~!! Found some devil tools for some fight !
Here , its all about devil statues due to the name as Hell Valley~

We also had to rent boots in order to walk snow pathway through the forest to get to see the crater in Hell Valley and also to the FOOT BATH Stream !
So here's the crater ~ Owhh im loving my pink cute boots !! 
Renting it is free !! How nice !!
And after a long walk we arrived here ! Such a nice view for a foot spa~
All the onsen we went in Hokkaido rarely can find a natural one~
most are in hotels or some Onsen centre
SEEE !!! SNOW and FOOT BATH!! I love enjoying the nature like this instead in a Hotel or onsen centre... 
The water has grey sands though~ might be some volcanic ashes @_@

And some places they had these kinds mini pools to place your hands in it !
Helps to warm up ~ ;D

Lastly, we found this interesting so we bought back and gave a try !!! It didnt taste chocolate at all though but i still like Stout !! Yummm~~

Next day again our Japanese host aged 60 came and pick us up .
Why i mentioned his age, cause he just went bungee jumping at age 59 at GUAM !
However his english wasnt good so we had a lil communication problem~ 
But he was extremely kind to fetch us many places .

We went to see this New Volcanic Mt name Showasinsan and it was the only mt red and without snow here ~
According to our host the governement didnt want to acknowledge it as a volcanic Mt but as the year grew, this Mt start growing really fast and they then had to acknowledge it ~ Not knowing when it will errupt though so this place is kind in danger ~ @_@

Then we had to take a cable car ride up to MT UZU~
We had our discount coupon on our phone as we forgot to print out ..
I tried talking to em in Japanese and got rejected..
Then Christian came and said bla bla bla so much English words and the dude gave us the discount ~
Yea.. in Japan ,if u look non Asian, u get  "Gaijin power"

Here on Mt Uzu, u get to see Hokkaido's Mt Fuji~ It was a great weather and we got to see it!!
And the pathway to walk up to the top of Mt Uzu~ Such a thick layer of snow !!
Here's a pic of us on the top !!

And for lunch he took us to some restaurant and i got this Curry Rice for only 550Y ! Cheap for a restaurant~
I was surprised too when the curry came black and i thought ~ arhhh not again some fake curry non spicy thing.
But it turned out Spicy !!
Well i changed my mind towards Japanese Curry ~~
And Later we got to Murouran where our host stay~
It's a Ghost town, we rarely see people on the street and so we headed to some abandon looking fisherman place !
It was a messy and unorganized harbour looks extremely abandoned and we thought no one lived there ~
Look we even spotted an abandoned Shrine !
And to our surprised, some lady came out of the house and we were shocked !!
Worried they would chase us off their ground but instead they invited us in the house~
Tiny living room and they offered us sakae and some whisky~
too bad we had to decline as we were late for our Shushi party with our host ~
But still, we were amazed with their extreme kindness and hospitality !

OMG!! The Shashimis were extremely yummy !!
And the Wasabi~~ very spicy ! Different from those we usually eat in KL~

And so we had to wrap the shushis ourself which was nice cuz we can pick whatever shashimi we like !
And Ohhh So fresh and yummy !

Due to communication barrier with the rest of the party group~ We used our smiles and body language to communicate~~ I spoke a lil japanese too but still theirs were way advance !! So we learnt Origami ! Christian loves the Ninja weapon he made~ I like my roses instead ;p Hmmm after months, i still cant remember how i did it~  must be the wine ~

After that we had a nice hot bath at a public bath !
Its for free ~!! We were surprise to find an onsen for free ! :D
Lots of old women in there though and I kinda felt outta place but oh well ~ its just nice to have a nice hot bath !

One thing in Hokkaido that caught our attention was also this vege juice in Hatsune Miku's song ! It did exists !! Too bad we dislike vege juice ~ 

Here's how i look in my furry winter wear ! :D 

Hokkaido was definitely a great experience having our hosts ! We did not expect how warm and nice our hosts were in means of driving us around ~ And also that we realized that transportation in those area arent easy~ for instance Toyoura is so scattered that walking distance from train station is extremely far as well as train schedule is so far apart and time would be so much wasted if we hadnt had our host checking us the train and bus timing ~
Of course everything is in Japanese which makes it harder but with out hosts helping us out ! Our trip was just amazing !! We thank all of them so much and of course , if they ever come our country we will welcome them instead !!!

Go on, start on your next trip and try Couchsurfing , I believe you would have an amazing experience of humanity and kindness ~ !

Thanks for reading and have a nice day !!

XOXO Feliciazoe~


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