Boat trip Out to The Sea in Norway !

FYI : In Norway ; most of the Norwegian families own a boat and they love to go out to the sea when the weather is GOOD !

It was my Viking bf bday and we decided to go to his dad's house at Sonsvien for a boat trip! 
His dad has a traditional wooden boat that makes a nice engine sound !
But then starting the engine looks SUPER EASY! 

And Of course here's a pic of me steering the direction ~
Super easy !!
There's a thing about having the flag while driving the boat; I see that in most Norwegian boats when they are on the sea~
According to d bf ; there is some sea law regarding this ~ 

One thing i love about being on the boat is sitting at the front edge of the boat !And especilly when large waves hits the boat; you rock like riding on a slow motion Bull ~ And of course, you get the whole view of the fjord to yourself !

I also see kids having their own boat and that kid was like 5 or 6 years old !
I was sooo surprised and d bf told me that kids can drive their own boat in Norway at a limited Horsepower speed !
I was wishing I would have such childhood ~ Cant believe how lucky these Norwegians kids are !!
Back my age I play only barbie dolls !

And when we found a nice deep spot to dive and jump into the sea ~
The Anchor is placed out and it was time to jump out of the boat !!!
Im super Ready ! I bet the water is COLD !

 Ps : Bikini frm H&M!

So I covered my Face and nose first and jump in! ~

OK ! That was cold but yet refreshing ~~~
Totally different from our warm sea water ; this is like 19degree celcius !!
but the sun was shining so bright that the water sparkles so beautifully !!! 
Of course i had to smile for the camera eventhough i was in COLD~~

OK~ This was a laughter pic of me saying :
" WTF SOOO COLD I lost my balls ~~~~~!!! "
Yea~ So cold I lost my mind !

But then Jumping was still addictive ~ We kept jumping in and out ~ 
Just like childhood days~

After rounds and roudns it was time to pull out the anchor !!
Here; this is how modern Anchor looks like; not like the Pirate ancient ones we see ~ It can be folded up too ~

And then ;time for me to dry up under the sun !!
I had to hold onto the wood thing if the rocky waves hit me i might fall off the boat ~ >_< 

Was trying to look sexy ~ LOL Nahhhh 
After that we have our SUMMER BBQ !!!
His dad was the Chief Chef !!
oooo~~ yummy Pork !

And these were his Special Potato recipe !
It was crispy outside and Soft like mashed potatoes inside ~

Our YUMMY HOtdogs, pork and Chicken~
That was a lot of meat for 4 of us !

Here's a pic of us chillin out in the Sun~ 
It's Bf's stepmum beside me ~ 

Then.......... We took the train back Oslo city ~~
Pic while waiting the train ~

A splendid weekend at Sonsvien~
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