Cheapest Flight from Thailand to Norway ~

If you are just like me, 
Trying to travel as cheaply as I can ;
You have come to the right page !!!

So , if you want cheap tickets to Norway ~ 
Here's a cheaper way in which regards more hassles than taking a one way flight + a transfer through  the airlines from Malaysia to Norway.

Before that, the flights that i always take to Norway is KLM and honestly , it's pretty good and they serve good meals too for about  RM2800 per way flight booking in advance 3 to 5 months before ( During Promotion Period)~ 

So here's what I did which my flight total costs about RM890 ( 1777Norwegian Kr) Aprox 11- 12 Hour flight for per way from Bangkok - Norway additional of RM157 for one way KL- Bangkok
Total = RM1047  for a way~ 

* Take note that this bookings were made like 9 Nov 2012 and my flight day was 30 JUN 2013~  9 Months apart ~~~
Do note that Air Asia and Norwegian Air are both Low cost airlines so no food were provided during the flight unless you purchase before hand or purchase on board ~  ( Don't worry you can bring your own food on board ) 

Again, then you have to take into considerations of hotels in Bangkok and also transportation wise~ 
Another good point is that you get to look around and Shop in Bangkok !
Cons : The airport Air Asia stops is not the same airport. Its Don Meung low cost airport ~
Whereas the Airport Norwegian air takes is from Suvarnabhumi airport which is about an hour plus drive there from Don Meung~ 
So, it's either you stay few days in Bangkok or book flight timings at least 6 hours apart in case any changes or delay in flight ~

Bottom line, you'll get to save roughly RM1200 (after some additional costs deducted that includes the stay in Bangkok ) from doing this and if you think it's worth it then try it !!
And if you wonder about the return ~~ 
Its the same amount if the bookings were made at the same time...

My experience

I had a stop over 4 days in Bangkok and of course did some shopping !!
Luckily my friend lives near to the airport so my taxi fare to the airport was only RM15 !!  
However what i regret most is that i have lots of baggage to bring to Norway, about 20KG and handcarry 10KG 
It was a hassle carrying these baggages that made my arm sore~
However, Thank God I have strong friends that were able to help me carry them when I arrive ~ 
As for my 4 days in Bangkok~ adding some weight to my baggage~
So...... I had to secretly increase the weight on my handcarry ( They wont notice ) 
The security check for handcarry luggage isnt as strict as AirAsia as when its for other international airline~ 
No one wants the hassle of hand carrying their heavy luggage through the security check but I did ~ 
;which made my arms sore~ 
Arhhhh the sacrifice for my shoppings from Bangkok ~ 
And what more added to the weight was buying duty free alchohol in the airport ~!!!
Greedy me ~~ 
So, imagine one tiny chic carrying a huge backpacker's bag , arms carrying 3 big handbags , struggling her way through the security check ; waiting for flight departure and immigration centre........
OK ~~No more complainsssss

Bottom Line ~ just try not to bring too much stuffs if you're travelling ALONE~~
Unless you have strong arms to carry heavy stuffs ~

So.... other than the heavy baggages~~ I have no regrets coming to Bangkok for a flight to Norway ~
PS : It isnt strict for the security check in Norway compared to the ones in Amsterdam ( Loonngggggg process for   transit ) !!! That's what i like most about the flight from Bangkok to Norway ! 

And OH! If you're curious about my short trip in Bangkok ,

Soooo...........Here's picture of my 20KG Luggage ~
(Pssstt.. it's up to my hip !) That BIGGGG or maybe Im just the small one ~ :p

Shoppings from Bangkok, which was limited but sitll added weight ! 
Thanks to the totes i got , they were making it easier to fit all the things in it !
And of course my Backpackers Bag !
And the gorgeous apartment in Oslo ! Feels great to be back !

This picture was taken last year in Jæren in a wooden signal board on a hill ~!

Let your life lie on a plank and risking all you can so that you would be able to appreciate how wonderful life is by striving to live everyday. Then you would have the best moment of your life everyday without regretting; even as if  death will come tomorrow.

Yours truly, 
FeliciaZoe ~


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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