Fashion Diary- Winter in Australia & Japan

OK~ Warning for males, this is a Bimbo Post !

I had always envy of those whom were able to "dress up" during the winter and then when i got the chance to experience it , of course ! I would get fashion up eventhough it's super cold ! Oh well, I do dress up warmly still ~ 

Firstly, my first winter was at Australia and it was the first country !! 
And of course, being my first time, eventhough it wasnt like 0 celcius  and crazy snow~  I still feel super cold ! And here's a pic of us up in the Mt whereby it was at max 0 celcius~ We had to wear a waterproof boots ( So the snow wont melt and soak wet your shoes and socks~
And of course i had like 3 layers of wools clothes on me which are not super thick... Still i look chubby with so much layer~ 

And back onto the land, I would wear a wool jacket and a short dress with leggings~ 
bought the boots in Melbourne city though~ 
At night, indoors i would just wear like this~ They have warmers so its still not super cold~
Of course when we visit the beach, then ~ I gotta wear some jacket on cause its very windy !
I was just wearing 2 layers of clothes in this picture. Of course when i go out i wear a jacket on ~ 
The wool shirt keeps me warm and sometimes i dont think its neccesary to wear stockings cause it wouldnt make you that cold if the knees are exposed ~~ 
Here's a windy day and i wore like 2 layers of wool top ~~ it was definitely warm for me ! 
Wool clothes really keep you warm eventhough it can be thin !
If you wear in tropical country weather, you would feel the prick of the wool onto your skin , very irritating~

If you realized, I love wearing hats, caps etc~
It actually keeps you warm as well !
Some cute large coats would make you look chubby but then you can try pulling off by looking cute ~ and maybe exposing your skinny legs or match with leggings / skinny jeans to show that you're not chubby after all~ 
I love furry coats ! They are just soo fluffy !
As for this ............ the coat is extremely thick and obviously it makes me look fat and stout~ 
So try not to wear too thick coats unless its extremely cold ~ 

Then NOW, when I started Backpacking, I only have limited coats to bring and warm clothes as most are heavy and thick !

Here's some fashion of me in Japan when we went Hokkaido~

Got these Woolen stuffs from H&M !
The scarf was like 100Y bought in Osaka ! Super steal ~!!
Main thing, it really kept me warm~

Ok , this coat is merely for Autumn, its not very thick so beneath I had to wear like 3 layers of thin wool shirts in order to keep me warm~

And of course, the only thing I can play with to look different in photos is the Hat or boots or my leggings colour~
And here , my bowl like hat ~ Pretty unique huh ~
Of course i need my woolen scarf and  gloves to keep me warm so no choice~
Another thing that makes the difference is the Ear Warmes! I just love em they are super fluffy ~~
And Oh! FIY, these are in colder conditions compared to in Australia~ 
Its like minus celcius ~~

Bought these ear muffs in Hokkaido ~ !

And of course , the pilot hat ~~

Lastly, these furry neckwarmers are my crazy favourite !
They definitely keep me warm and so flufffy !!!!

It's not easy to backpack during winter especially when you have limited clothes to bring around~
FIY we traveled Japan for a month so you can imagine the possibility of wearing the same clothes all the time ! However , change in accesories, hairstyles would make some difference to it !
Cheers & thanks for reading !!
XOXO Felicia


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