Going on a cruise to Copenhagen, Denmark !!

Hey guys ! It's been a great week here in Oslo and i have been enjoying my time here ~ 

As you know, my bf just bought a cruise to Denmark and its the same cruise we took to Germany last year !
ColorLine~ It's CHEAP!
Will post again regarding how to buy CHEAP CRUISE Ticket in Norway ! 

Our cruise is a 3 days 2 night cruise  (7 hour stop in Copenhagen) and it's a 4 bed cabin which we are still considering to invite other friends to come along but if no one is keen on that we'll just enjoy the room to ourselves ~ 
One culture thing in Norway is that they are not very fond of going on a cheap cruise to Denmark.
It's kind of like a "Red neck" thing to do ~ 
Well, in fact if this existed in Malaysia, regardless you're rich or poor ppl still go on it cause WHY NOT?
Just like Air Asia, i got rich friends that go on that flight~ 
Sometimes, I just cant understand the perception of human towards the value of Life ~
More are looking the value of things that would affect their reputation.
Thanks to the marketers and branding leaders out there ~~~

Okay,stop of the rambling complaints ~
Here's something that i find very interesting of the difference in the currency notes of Danish Kroner, Norwegian Kroner and Malaysian Ringgit !
Surprisingly the Danish Kroner is so Short and cute ! 
Also the currency rate of Danish Kroner Vs Norwegian Kr is about the same ~ 
It's just that recently Norwegian Kr isnt doing that well...
Oh well, it's easy for me to convert to Danish Kr from Ringgit since it's about the same as Norwegian Kr !

One thing I wana share is that back 2 years ago I went to Phi Phi island , Thailand and i made friends with this cute Danish chic ! You wouldnt believe how old she was !
And so, we kept in contact in FB then and now Im coming to Copenhagen and such a coincidence she is gonna have a Cosplay walk there ! 
I'm enthrilled to see her in her and her friends in their cosplay outfit !~
OH Btw, She's 16 years old now !

One more thing that makes me happy is that, since i know some Norwegian, Danish sounds the same as well !So, we can communicate better !! I can even now understand the Danish posts she posts on fb !

Speaking about Denmark, the first thing that came in my mind was Royal Stout and Carlsberg !
For those who dont know, Im a crazy Stout fan ! I LOVE STOUT ! 

1# Mircobrewery Stout I had in some countries i had been to
2# Guiness stout
3# Royal Stout 

And I hope i can get this can of Stout there!!!

As for my research, 
And when i type Copenhagen on google, What caught my eyes was this cute BUS !
Hope i get to see this !~

And this funny "ANAL Tours" Alright, its a Canal~
Well, according to the bf, Copenhagen's canal, doesn't look like a canal . More like a Big River... Not worth~ 
so, i guess I'll wait for Venice's/ Amsterdam's anal then~Oops I meant Canal~~
And next thing was these architechtures~
They didnt really amuze me cause it looks like Bergen, Norway~ just the houses in Bergen were smaller and cuter ~:P

Regardless how, Im extremely looking forward to this short trip and do anticipate pictures from this trip then !!

Hmmmm I wonder how would this trip be ~

Im craving for the German Hotdogs~~ too bad It's only next month we're then only going to Germany ~~
Arhhhhhhhh *dreaming Yummy Hotdogssss ~*
* I gotta remind myself to bring some chili sos for their hotdog !

Thanks for dropping by !!
XOXO FeliciaZoe


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