Latino Date Night Makeup & Photoshoot


So ! It has been awhile since I had been updating my Makeup Portfolio since i came to Norway;
So Here's one of my gorgeous model from Columbia!
The Theme was Date night and i Gotta make her look Sexy-licious !

When she came, her hair was so messed up ; she looks tired yet friendly ; and the best part she was super cool and chilled out !

 So here's a pic of her before and after with a Smokey eyes and some nice pink shade lipcolour to match her hot pink heels!

Her tan just made me felt like ; I wana be tannn as well ! Super Hwat !!!
She was definitely satisfied with the hair volumisation and victoria secret hair curl I did !
Of course ; I was able to cover the freckles of her face with the foundation same skin colour as hers !

One thing great is that she has gorgeous double eyelids; eyelashes and features! It was definitely much easier compared to asian; the only problem is that caucausians get more wrinkles easily;
The tips : Light layer of foundation without powdering would make the wrinkles not too obvious as it can show as if they have so much makeup on da face~ 

That's all for now ~ 
I have been considering of doing a makeup Youtube channel but im just tooo shy to show my bare makeupless face :P
Thanks for reading and have a nice day !!

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