Recent Photoshoot ~ Bed of Roses

 So , this was awhile ago I had this makeup job for a materinity shoot and while waiting for our client , we randomly had some photoshoot for me ~ It has been awhile since i did one so this was something I love to share with ~

And so, one of the theme I love most, I called it Bed of Roses

                                             Indeed it was a bed of rose petals~ <3 p="">                                                and first start with a Smile

Oooo yea~ Im starting to feel the Bed of roses ! 

And dreammmmmm
hopefully this is some electifying shot of eye contact ! :p

Next theme was : Relaxation resort holiday~
Location : Golden palm tree resort, Sepang

Lastly, just a random shot of me in my makeup mask~ :D 

So, which pic you like most?


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