Strolling in Bangkok ~

Well, before i head over to Norway ~ I had decided to stop by Bangkok and Shop a lil ~ 
Being other parts of Thailand, i was expecting Bangkok to be slightly different than what i had expected for.
Surprisingly , it was a total mixture of rural and urban culture within this big city ! 
As being in KL, we see so much of anger within angry drivers, yet we wouldnt spot such anger in Bangkok eventhough the traffic is crazy !

The first day of arrival, I was merely stuck in the traffic for hours and honestly, definitely it wasn't pleasant for an arrival~

Yet then, I was amazed to see such building out of no where which is just super unique in my eyes ! The elephant building~~~~ oOOOOOO
Gazed on it for few mins~

At last we reached our destination and got a beer tower and some spicy dish as food fingers~
It was a Thursday night and that bar was empty ~~ Some outdoor bar with lots of mosquitoes !
And surprisingly the bill came upon 900bath~
Isnt beer cheap in Thailand ?
Cause that price was certainly what we paid for a beer tower in KL and to my surprised, a bar in the city would cost about the same too~ 
Regardless, I just LOVE my luggage !!!
Took off the designs from my old flip flops and belt, glued on it as some deco !
Wallaaa!!! it looks sooo raggae now ~ 
Even the aircrew complimented it before i checked it ! :D 

Next day~ My lunch started off with a YUMMY TOM YUM KUNG!!!!!!
Due to the spicy food fingers i had yesterday~ i keep insisting on "MAI PET" this word the next day for NOT SPICY as the Not Spicy one would turn out mild spicy which i can tolerate ! ~
and SuperB! This tom yang kung was Sooo yummy!!

We head out with the motorbike to Platinium shoppping mall and I LOVE MOTORBIKES MAN !
Skipping those crazy traffic is just a better thing than staying away from the sun burning your ass in a comfortable airconditioned car~ 
Cute Helmet eyh ??!

And so I wasnt crazily shopping in Platinium as my luggage were full packed and overloaded so I decided not to shop ~ ! Having my awesome thai friend being my day tuor guide was awesome ! He brought me on this boat ride near Platinium mall which looks super local and works like a public transport was just unique. Though the river stinks but it was an interesting experience especially to escape the traffic ! Of course I believe no one would want a boat ride in Malaysia unless it's air conditioned or first the government should clean up our dirty river~ 
There ! We reach this place whereby we had to walk up 300over stairs to some temple on a Mt ~
Its not like a crazy hike but just steps... So not a MT~ I call it a HILL ~~ Piece of cake walking up those stairs ! 
Nevertheless, that place was nicely decorated and refurnish ! 
And the Top ! 
of course a nice view and the golden temple statue ~ 
You would see some Thai ppl praying there~ 
They are very strong in their religion so do respect em!

Ans here's my awesome friend with awesome motorbike skills ~ It's scary to go through swiftly those cars during  a crazy traffic jam but he did it ! I felt kinda sad knowing that our governement paid him RM50 to come Kelantan ~ North of Malaysia for a day showing Malaysians how to Sepak takraw~ and having accomodation provided yet not food ~ Its such a chickpea pay for such a performance here !!! Must be some crazy corruption went into someone's pocket for that ~
And Owh ~ that night he brought me to his work party at a nice expat club house and we had local homemade thai food and whisky !
I was surprised they had this party even with the maids ~~ 
And of course , a lady whom looks like she was from the expats group came and join us and she seems close to the lower level employees and such friendship among them just amuses me as people here are just a gem among the city materialistic people . 
It was a complicated communication barrier night yet i do enjoy the flattering moments being called an Angel and getting kissed on my hand ~ :D

We always fear of a communication barier however amongst them, eventhough there were much i wouldnt understand of, their laughter and happiness just made me smile. Their kind gesture touched my hearts and made me feel greatful and contented of what i have in this world. Seeing the happiness of others, eventually made me Happy even without knowing what the jokes were about~
Arhhh LIFE in a strangers world
Next day,I had to take on my adventure alone and turn out into an interesting mall ! 
Made friends with some loca thai chics, and they gave me lots of guides for spots to shop !
Again~ I told myself.... MY LUGGAGE IS OVERWEIGHT!
So this first mall, Terminal 21 ~ Was an empty start ~ :P

Of course then I headed to the world longest biggest Night Market - Chatuchak !
OMG~~ I was first super lost when i first got there but then after walking for 2 rounds , I found out where i was afterall !!! 

While in this market, I spotted a long queue for this Squid egg thing and it was 400bath~ and it tasted good !
love their sauce ~~ however, it's spicy !!! The water there costs 10Bath though~ Normally 7elevens water costs 6 Bath~ 
At last, of all the walking in Chatuchak~  
Of all the crazy temptations~
I bought these ~~ 
Love the TOUGH word on the bag ! Makes me feel like some super women carrying it !

Next day , Was my early morning flight ~~~~ and got a flight delay~
And Now Im back in Norway !!!

So this is our apartment in Oslo ~ Very near to a church and the main shopping street ! :D

Bangkok wasnt much of an exploration this time~ Of course I would plan to come again next time and would go for more serious exploration then !!

Thanks for reading !!!


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