Summer cruise to Copenhagen ~

Hey ALL ! 
Summer in Norway has been splendid this year ! It's even said one of the Best JULY weather in 15 Years ~
Seriously, it was so warm yesterday 29 degree celcius, just like weather in Malaysia ; yet it has natural COLD Wind which differs from the warm wind in Malaysia !!! 

And so, if you saw my previus posts regarding im going Denmark, here's a post regarding our journey with DFDS Seaways cruise there !

I love where the port embarking of the Cruise ship located near the Opera House , Oslo ! It's so near to our apartment !! just 15 min walk~ 

It was a sunny weather too and so we were out on the sun deck gazing at the beauty of Oslo's fjord

And even the seagulls were flying so close to the ship!!
They freak me out !!

They have benches on the sun deck and normally i would choose the shady part ;p

Oh and when the cruise start after an hour, the Duty free shop is OPEN !!!
SO  I bought this Liqourice Stout !!
the first taste of it would be like stout but then later after it goes down your throat, the sense taste of liqourice thing tingles your tongue senses just feels great!

Here's some part pic of the sundeck in the cruise ship.
It's a pretty small cruise unlike the previous ones we went for to Germany that had an indoor water themepark and casino.
This ; was definitely way smaller yet there were much more restaurants and clubs ! 

Even how strong the sun is, the strong wind through cruising gives you the chill into your bones. So of course, alcohol and a jacket would be a great warming tool !

Well, that's for the Malaysian me which is not adapted to cold-ness yet. 
As for my viking norwegian bf~ He seems fond of the wind and the sun ~

It has been hard to get a nice view of Sunset especially out in the sea~ I wonder is it some Luck needed or the Sea problem~ ;p

Next day;We arrived Copenhagen !!
We only got like 7 Hours there!
First famous spot; the Mermaid ~
OMG, there were just soooo much tourists there !!!
Why is the mermaid popular in Denmark ?
The author that wrote the Mermaid is from Denmark~

One thing about this statue that i cant figure out why i would even take picture with it is that it's just so popular; like someone made it popular then everyone just wana take pic with it.
Just like the Angry little boy statue in Vigeland Sculpture park in Oslo~
Honestly, I hate CHINA TOURISTS ! 
Mother@#$%^&*() They are extremely rude; talk super loud and I can understand their lame conversations and when I wana take photo, they come into my way and push me and while taking this pic ;this china dude said : "Small Girl ; give way ; we wana take picture ! " In mandarin;and he expected i understood it ; imagine if i didnt know mandarin at all~ But Damnnn its so rude to call me a small girl !

So i decided to take another pic ALL BY MYSELF; no stupid fucking China tourists pushing me around and snatching for one picture taken ~ 
With this gorgeous  Angle Statue !

And some Danish architechture

Which looks like Holland a bit ~ ( Oh well,they are all nearby and related)

And this ; one of the oldest church in Denmark ~ Really scenic !

Here's how it look like inside!

And this HUGEEEEE Fountain outside of it !

Then we walk futhur down town and spotted Danish palace guards.
They were the MOST CHILL OUT Palace guards I ever met !!
They Do not March at all !! 
The just walk like casual from  one place to another
and so;I tried POKE Him ! Hahah
Im just too tiny;he didnt realized at all !

The famous City Square !

And this Dome Church which attracted me cuz it has a golden top !

Right near to that dome church was this Russian Church ; it had a More GOLD Top 
Urgh~~ it got cropped out >_<
bad photographer bf!~~

Nearby was this Kings Garden which was huge !

We were suppose to meet my friend here so we walk walk hoping would Spot em ~
cuz they are having a Cosplay Parade!

While waiting; take pictures with flowerssss

And we were hungry so we bought this Danish Pastry and OMG!! Its SUPER GOODD
SUPER YUMMY ~~~!!! I just miss it now soo much !
The best ever i tasted ! and it was from  some kind of Mart;not even a bakery for about Rm15 ~!!!

Then We found the palace!
and its Flower garden !! !!

More flowers ~~~~~~~~
Oooo I love flower fieldsss

and ROSES !!!!!!!!!!
And lastly we found Her !!
She was Cosplayin some spanish cartoon character !

Got to chat awhile before we gets busy and those cosplayers were so obvious we spotted them sooo easily !!
And while on the street ; I did a naughty thing~ ;p nah Jk ~  trying to play some bad guy in a show but oh well i dont think i can even lift it up

We bought an ice cream that look like Magnum Almond for like Rm2.5!! and it was super good !!!
can spot real vanila spots in it !

And of course the famous canal in Copenhagen !!

We didnt went for the canal trip but chilled there ~

With Danish Stout ! too bad i couldnt find Royal stout ; I doubt it's from Denmark now~~

And of course !! SHopping !!!

I was surprise to find some trishaws in Denmark too ~ Thought it was an asian thing ~ ;/

We walk through their shopping streets and it really reminds me of OSLO~ !
Even the strawberries taste alike and price were the same too ~

The churches in Norway also have green tower and red bricks~ 
The difference, OHHHH Denmark is a bit cheaper especially Wine and meat ! Of course; more varieties~~ and it looks much bigger

Our day ended with wine box  in our hands and chocolates !!!
They had a shuttle bus to fetch us back as the location of cruise was far from the city.

Look at the Denmark view behind me~
Oh the sea view isnt very nice in Denmark cuz they dont have much boats ; mt or fjord.~ Denmark is very flat in ground

Thanks to da Bf for this awesome weekend !! He has been planning to much where to bring me before i came here ~ :D He is just amazing !!!!!! :D 

That's all about Denmark for me ; we can understand them as Norwegian sounds about the same but Danish people seem to prefer speaking in English eventhough if we can speak Norwegian to them~ 

Thanks for reading !
Will be updating nex about my Latino Model~ 


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