Cheerful Photoshoot !

Summer is coming an end in Norway and the weather in Oslo is so inconsistent recently. Yesterday certain parts of Oslo had SNOW ! I wonder if the environment keeps changing maybe one day Malaysia might have snow too. So peeps, do recycle and love the environment !

So my bf and i wanted to have a nice memory of our apartment this summer; we decided to have a photoshoot ! It's a nice apartment for backdrop~
Here's some pic of the apartment ~ <3 p="">

  So Here's some pic of me in some Cheerful Cheerleader or college high school chic !!
I hope i still look this young when i get into my 40s ~ :P

Thanks for dropping by~
We had been busy every weekend as we have made plans to travel some other parts every weekend.
Last weekend we spent an awesome time at Arendal, South part of Norway!
Amazing weather there !
Whereas this weekend will be our trip to Copenhagen again !!
WE LOVE THERE!! This time, we got tickets to Tivoli, the oldest amasement park ever !!
More weeekends to come especially the trip to  Molde ; north of Norway ~ and lastly to Germany !
Most of all we are then coming to KL soon and then continue travelling to Philiphines, Taiwan and again JAPAN!! 

Super excited towards the days ahead ~
I love living my life like this even though it's kinda Nomad-ish . I don't own a car , nor a house but being young and having the opportunities to see much of the world is something that makes me feel ALIVE !
Something that makes me want to be Strong and healthy for and looking forward to my next adventures !
How about you?

Well, my piece of advice for those who wana travel out there; just DO IT !
Doesnt have to be llike months like me; a week or 2 will do.
Recently a friend of mine just went for a week backpacking to Japan and Taiwan alone!!
He was so insecure when I told him to go ALONE ~ but then I introduced him Couchsurfing and Well well well~ He is now travelling much more than I can ever imagine! <3 p="">
Btw; He works in Singapore and doesnt earn a lot ~!

Just plan; boook cheap flights and DO IT !

<3 love="" nbsp="" p="">


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