Cycling in Oslo~

Since we bought a  OSLO cycling card which costs 100Kr for a year,
we were able to rent Oslo bicycles and use it for 3 hours. The stations of the bikes are very easy to spot in the city and conveniet for me since we live in the city centre.

The good thing about Oslo that it's so small but cycling can be way more challenging than cycling in Denmark as Oslo has much more hills and mounts compared to Denmark.

Do check out how high the tallest Mt in Denmark comparing the ones in Norway~ 
Such a big difference ! 

Well; this time we decided to cycle on the coast line. Along the coast is just amazingly gorgeous. I guess somehow cycling in Oslo is rather motivating as you get to enjoy the view while cycling !
So here's the Opera house~ Still as gorgeous as ever

And the upcoming BarCODE theme buildings! You got to check out the Statoil new building as well, it's built like the Jenga Game !
Of course we get to see Big Ships leaving the port ; this was the cruise we took on our first trip to Copenhagen ~
You wont believe how much this cruise would have cost !
Since autumn in around the corner, Oslo can be windy and Sail boats are loving this weather especially for them to have some sailling competition!

And of course, the harbour 

This bridge connects this RICH MAN Island to the Mainland. The beaches on that island isnt free ~ And most of the people has their own private bay~~ Well; Rich island duhhh~!

Some Dare devils jumped off the bridge ! It's very high and I suppose they have no fear at all.

Sometimes boats passes by but i guess it's still safe if there werent boats around. It's also a popular place where ppl sit there and fish~

Sometimes, the cyclist path can be wider than the traffic road.. That road is highly congested during festive season.

It's the MELA Festival !! FREE CONCERT IN TOWN !
How nice ~
We stop by the main famous harbour Akker Brygge to see some performances by the Ethnic group.

 And that ended our day with a yummy Dinner ~ :)

Thoughts of the day : As I had been resting a lot recently and that short 4 hours cycling trip which was said as flat ground was definitely tiring for me~
Hopefully I'll regain back my stamina and looking forward this weekend hiking to Molde !
We're gonna fly up north and do some hiking and fjord seeing ~ 
Can't wait for our next journey to begin !

Thanks for dropping by~


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