Expanding creativity in Oslo~


Somehow in Oslo , the fjords ; the nature, opened the creativity side of me ~
I always wanted to paint more after highschool graduate and due to work and backpacking travels, I never had time for this.

As I realize how much norwegian appreciates Art~
I became more enthusiastic in painting ~
And the first one I made

Whisper of the forest 
Hviske av skogen

2# Love under the Rainbow Rain
Jeg elsker regnbue regn 

This was just some environment recycle idea i thought of painting a used light bulb ~
And i painting Hatsune Miku on it !!

Then as a surprise for the Bf ! I made this out of his childhood picture on the wall ~
He loved it ! <3 p="">

And lastly, I made this batik painting for the first time trying out here ! 
Then made a frame and placed it in front of a light bulb ! 

Will definitely do more Batik Paintings ! 
Do check out for more in future~

Thanks for dropping by ! 

XOXO FeliciaZoe

Some says she's a model or a zombie makeup artist. But I say she's tight ass wanderer and traveller.

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