Back then ; Home ; was where i used to lived with my parents . But since as I go into my mid-20s ;
Home has contantly changing in many physical ways as I have been travelling more frequent than ever.

As far as i know for now , 
I have so many Homes.
But yet , these Homes doesnt seem to be physically similar.
Sometimes, I doubted wether does these homes brought me bliss or grieves.
Sometimes, I even wished i had only one Home
As all these Homes lead me into confusion and insecurity.

As time goes by, I realized, these Homes were the reason why I live.
They were the reasons why I try hard not to fall sick;
they were the reason why I survived.

The doubts and insecures where overpowered by Hope;
the Hope for adventures,
the Hope for more to come in life ,
the Hope for on going chapter through my life.

Now I know,
Home ; is not the cozy apartment i live in Oslo nor in KL
Home ; isnt the place you rest after a long day walk around Tokyo
Home is being with your love ones ,
Home is mosty within you.
A place where you find peace within;
Anywhere; anyplace;
The moment whereby you are able to rest your mind 
See the world with your heart;
Feel the warmth of the air;
Listen to your whispering soul.


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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