Jacuzzi cruise & Tivoli !


Thanks to my bf; we got another cruise to Copenhagen again~ 
This time, we even got tickets to go Tivoli; the oldest amusement park ! 
The surprising thing that we didnt know of is the ship has an open air jacuzzi  !
Best of all ; we were placed on the highest floor where it is ! 

Life is so great when you least expect things !
I guess that's why we are so happy because we are easily contented and greatful of what we have.

It first started with a cloudy day in Oslo but then as the ship started it's journey; 
the weather got better and better !
It reminds me of our Onsen moments in Japan~
The difference would be that it's a hot tub with an amazing gorgeous sea view !

Here's a picture of us enjoying in the hot tub.

I took an attempt to go out for awhile since my fingers were getting wrinkly. And the cold wind was blowing through me ; for that moment it felt refreshing but then after awhile I got cold and jump back into the tub~

The best part is viewing the Sunset while chilling in the tub~
We were drinking lemoncello whille chilling~

The next day we walked through Copenhagen and to Tivoli which is suprisingly in the city !
Can u imagine Genting Highlands being in the city centre~??

Here is how it looks like once we enter ! So much flowers !!
SO Pretty !!

Here's once of their stage in a Chinese themed !
Suprising to find some Chinese buildings in Denmark !

I bought some Greenta honey to get rid of the hangover from last night ~ LOL
It was like RM8 per bottle ~
Most expensive greentea honey ever but I love the packaging~ 
So pretty~

And they have some Mosque building too ~
Well; it's a restaurant ~

Some Balloon station

Cute town!

Spot what I'm Pokin'

such a fun fair place for kids!

My Awesome Bf!

This is a candy store ~

 and Most were fun for the young kids like there rides; so cute!

The best ride I recommend for adults would be this ~ You can rotate the plane as much as u like while it's running rounds. AND It turns soooo fast later than you will be so scared to even turn the plane ~ NO JOKE !

As usual my fetish for furry stuffs~ :P

And the Daemon Ride, very short roller coaster ride and not as scary as the one in Genting Highland.

Some more restaurants~

And some cute stuffs I was fond of in front of a Pirate ship bar~

And of course some Peacocks walking around the park~

I love this design~ Soo Cute!

Such a creative kid's play ground~

One example of their Wooden antique rides ! How cute !!

So we ended of last hour shopping in Denmark since it's cheaper than Norway~ 
So Worth !

And we got back and relax in our cruise and spent time watching sunset ~

IN the Jacuzzi again !!

Never get tireed from this for sure !
We had been few cruises before and most would have indoor themepark which is kinda boring ~
I just love such Outdoor jacuzzi !!

Next day at last we arrive back safely to Oslo !

Oslo has just amazing fjord views ~
I realized the amount of Boats are much more compared to in Denmark~
So thankful for the great weather !! Such a lovely time we had this time and I can't wait for our next cruise trip to Germany !!!

Thx for Dropping by ~

Some says she's a model or a zombie makeup artist. But I say she's tight ass wanderer and traveller.

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