Summer in Arendal~ Sømmeren i Arendal


Good morning Arendal; The dawn of Arendal always amuse me ~

Summer is especially gorgeous in Arendal and this time they have so much political campaigns !
Here's a view on the ship restaurant~

Here's the picture of the Ship restaurant parked at Arendal~

On our way we saw some kids on their boat~Kid's in Norway are allowed to drive their own boat at a distinct speed.
Well; I wish i was one of them when i was young.
Lucky kids~ 

The bf brought me to some jungle hiking trip, pickin blue berries on the way , and reach to the top to see the view!

Here's the backyard view of the house~ 
Imagine waking up to view the fjord right in front of your eyes.
Best painting you can have ever!

We spent our sunday going onto another beach out there call Molde.
It's a beach with fine sands on one side and another side is full on round big rocks facing the open sea.

took a stone back and decided to paint it ~ Love this beach~~
But one thing that freaked me were the Jelly fishes~
I was so careful hoping not to get sting by those creatures

And at last I wore this bikini ! I love how unique bikinis are ~ 
Ignoring the fact how bad I would get from the tan lines ; but anyhow I'm not that fair now so the tan lines wont be much big difference :)
And lastly; a gorgeous sunset in Arendal to end this post.

Thanks for dropping by.

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