2 Months Backpacking in Taiwan, Japan and Philippines !!

Hey GUYS ! Im back to Malaysia after the crazy travels and it has been amazing !!
Sorry for the late update but if u hadnt been following my journey, you're missing out !!
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Blogging takes time to type ya know~~
These is our most flights ever in 3 months as we had just only back from Norway not long ago ! 
Aproximately 14 flights per person excluding our flights from Norway to Malaysia.
Super hectic yet an experience we would never forget as we were many times close to death especially one flight that we travelled during the 2 typhoons hit onto Okinawa Island !

SO these are the route of our travels which started off from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia - Manilla- Taiwan ( Taoyuan-Hualien-Taitung-Lanyu Island-Taitung-Pingtung-Kaohsiong-Taichung-Taipei)-Manilla-Kuala Lumpur ( REST ONE NIGHT + Repacking) -- Japan, OSAKA--- Okinawa-Osaka- Kagoshima-Ibusuki-Beppu-Yufuin-Kurukawa-Fukuoka-Osaka-Wakayama-Osaka-Kuala Lumpur !
So here's some highlights about our trip in Taiwan which we chose to do something extraordinary from a normal tour.
On the day we arrived we participated in a local Taiwanese sports day meeting the local aboriginals in town and ended with a nice day in spa ~ 

Firstly, We applied a week before for this Old Zhuliu Old trail road which took us aprox 3 hours total hike up which is short as part of the road were closed due to the damaged, However, the extreme part is not closed ! Which is the cliff trail that is so freaking high up and dangerous~ Will blog more about this ! It was such a hassle as we had to lodge a police report in order for this n had our first hitch hike around there cause we missed the bus ! ~ 

Other than that, the other days we did the Taroko Gorge tour around and the bus driver was so nice that he kind of personally toured us  n spotted special spots since only 3 of us were the passengers~ :D  
Next our destination was an aboriginal island name Lanyu and this was the smallest airplace we ever took in our LIFE ! Surely, it didnt felt safe as that day it was the typhoon hitting on Phillipines. We sure survived through the rough turbulence and saw the pilots flying seriously and manually.
The week on this Island was amazing! Most clear HD photos to upload next~
In this blurry image you can see how clear the sea water is during the low tide we were able to swim within the coral rocks which from land looks like some rocks far away.. We called this the secret place~ 
Well it is still gonna be a secret where it is ! try convince the locals to tell you when u get there ~ ;P
We rented a motorbike for 3 days on this island and totally regretted not spending more time there as we already bought our flight ticket back ~

Then , in Pingtung , I got burnt by a motorbike exhaust !! 
WOA! that wasnt painful but it sure looked gross ~
What a Taiwan Tatoo !
We did some shopping n checkin out in Kaohsiong and then went to ALISHAN !
The hotel employee woke us up at 4am in order to take the Alishan train to watch the Sunrise ~
What a gorgeous weather with the sea of clouds !
Gorgeous !
Next is the rainbow village in Taichung ~
And Lastly, shopping in Taipei and I had to do some makeup work for a video shoot there ~ ;D

We had a stopver in Manilla and spend few days there shopping and tasting sweet Philliphines food and shocked at the difference in the lifestyle of one city next to each other. Of course we ate all the yummy dried Phillipines Mangoes !!!! YUmmmm~

And then back KL to repack for our Japan !
We went to Osaka then OKINAWA !

I got to wear the traditional Okinawan costume, tried taco rice and watched some Okinawa performance etc ! So much more to tell !

Seen the 2nd largest aquarium in the world, the Whale sharks~
Back to Osaka again and it was HALOWEEN !!!
We had been partying with our Japanese friends and i did their make up ! 
Super fun night !

Then we fly over to Kagoshima and saw this unique city with nearby an active ongoing erupting volcano island ! Sakurajima !
We got to pick pessimons and oranges on this island and if u see the dust on my hands are the volcanic ash from the volcano ! 
This city and island is always full of volcanic ash ! Dirty and you can never dry your clothes outdoor ~
We went ibusuki for 2 days to try out their Sand Spa by the beach with amazing view

And lucky us ! We found this Hotspring Waterfall right by the beach which an amazing view Of Mt Kaimonkan!
On the way we surely went to this Samurai town and got to wear Samurai costumes and check out the Samurai gardens ! Lovely!
And then Back to Kagoshin had a weekend participating in OHARA Festival !! dancing on the streets !
Later we went Hyuga city (Suprising beach with unique rock formations!)whereby it's famous for french fries look rocks and we did a day trip to this Gorge !
Takachiho Gorge ! 
And rowed on the Gorge ~Amazing view~

Next we went Beppu , the Hotspring town and met some random traveller that told us about the secret wild hotsprings on a Mt~ We then hike there and experience some Mud Mask spa and various hotsprings on this Mt !

Of course we did not miss Kurukawa Hotspring town which have hotsprings in outdoor which are so unique in their own way and this one was in a cave !

We went next to Fukuoka and tried their Stinky Hakata Ramen and did some shopping again and flew back Osaka !~ But then this time we went Wakayama and at last went to Kumano taishi shrine .
We also did not miss the adventure world with top class dolphin show whereby humans surf on dolphin and perform with them ! Bravo !!!

Lastly, we got to visit this weird shrine with DOLLS!
Click here to view the Story of this weird Shrine !

 That's for now the summary of our travels but there are actually way more awesome things we did and went in this trip ~ Do keep updated cuz we aren't finish travelling in Japan YET !
Thanks for dropping by ~ :D




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