Trip to Molde and Åndalsnes; The Atlantic Ocean road

Most of you had probably seen the Atlantic road pictures with a rainy and stormy weather~ Well of course it looked more dramatic but obviously not nice for us to travel there in such a weather ~

Fint Vær meaning Good weather is what most Norwegians Love ! As it's rare in Norway for such good weather in Summer ~ most would Go out for walks, camping or day trip~ And What we did in Molde was to get to this Atlantic road and see how high it is ~ 
Well, here's a pic of our friend in Molde~ Mariann~
She drove us there and she was an amazing driver !

Here's some picture along the way~
I can say all of Norway is so scenic for me ~

At last ! We 're there ! From this angle it sure looks curvy

Yet from other angle, it looks Normal~~
Hmm Angle issue~

Does this look better? Hmmm not so~~
Bottom line it's hard to stop the car in the middle of the road an get a nice picture angle of the atlantic road ! 

Here's a view of the top while we're driving~ High?? Quite a slope bridge while we were on it though~

And OH!! We had a stopover at her friend's place and they had a blackcurrent farm !
Remind me so much of Ribena blackcurrent syrup back home~
Well, it tastes less sweet for sure but still good!

Want SOME??

Back to Molde~ AHhhhh Nice view from our room window ~

Just Strolling in Molde town~

And went on a Yatch pretending to be some Captain!! :D
Big one with 3 rooms and some bathroom~ ~ ~ 
Norwegians and their love for the sea~

Chilling on the Yatch with our friend~

And also had a swim ! BRRRR COLD For a summer ! 
16celcius ~

Here's a pic of the Yatch ~

Molde was surely gorgeous and we headed next to Åndalsnes on this bus !
Well, all long distance Norwegian buses had toilets in it~ 
It costs 350Kr for 2 person

The bus had to take a ferry to get to the other side ~
Lot's of fjords here and ferry's are the most efficient way of transporting if there isnt any bridges.

Here we are Åndalsnes!

We got onto a Church train and thought it was so cool ! Sermont in a train !

Hiked on a Mt for the View!
It's gorgeous !!

This is how Norwegian forest look like in Summer~

Now you go~ the Fjord in Åndalsnes

Spot some weird pimped up car in Åndalsnes ~ Not common at all !


And then ~ Back to OSLO on this Raumabanen train~
Famous for the scenic view on the train~

Selfie time !!
# DO you know SELFIE is a word now in Oxford dictionery?
The scenice view~

And this was the view from above our flight with Norwegian air~~

Back to our cozy home in OSLO~~~ 

XOXO Thanks for droppin by ! :D


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