Awesome ideas for your New Home 2014 !!

I always love interior designs and creative Sh*t ~ And these are my crazy favourites if I ever got a House~ 
Well, that's in a future and Hopefully I'll make it come true one day !

PingPong Door + Table ! 
Image credits: Tobias Fraenzel

Hammock Bed !!
i Fell in love with Hammocks while I was in Vietnam as almost every houses has a hammock ~ I even had a night falling asleep at the rooftop of my stay rocking in a hammock~ Just like how my mum use to rock me while i was a baby~ <3 nbsp="" p="">
Image credits: Le Beanock
SLIDE In the house !
Well, this is my childhood dream for sure and i think If i have one I'll make it wider~~ so 2 ppl can slide down together ! Not forgetting to put some cushion at the end of the slide ! I dont wana fall down hard~ OUCH!
Image credits: unknown

Underground Wine cellar/Fridge
 This reminds me of a sink and in case the house is flooded it can drain the water out ~ 
Well I think its very healthy casue everytime you wana take out some refrigirated food~ U gotta climb down n climb up~ !

mage credits:
Sandy Outdoor Lounge!
Awesome for Autumn / Spring when u miss the Sand so much and having a heater outdoor would be so nice and warm ~
Image credits: unknown
Movie in the Garden ~
Awww ! Lovely environment for a movie ! It is surely cozy but again depends on the weather and right season !

Image credits:
Tree house Rooom !
I always wanted a tree house ! This is brilliant and safe for kids !
Image credits:

Chill Out Net Zone !
Looks scary ~! I wonder does the net holds safely~dont think its super comfy but it sure saves up lots of space !
Image credits:
 Skater's dream room!
This is super cool for skate lovers !!

Image credits: Pierre Andre Senizergues

Transformable Pool table 
Such a brilliant idea !
I love playing Pool and this saves so much space and need not to buy a pool table at all !

Indoor + Outdoor pool
I like this cause of the outdoor view ! Of course if it's bad weather u can still swim or chill inside!

Image credits: unknown

Fire on the table?
Well, I think it's fake but prob a nice ambience for a cold winter~
Image credits:
Aquariam Bed
OOooO Everynight you will be dreaming of fishes !
Image credits:
Proper slide in the house
Well, this is what i call a real slide !
Image credits: David Hotson
Pod Room 
Nice place to have your own time alone~

Image credits:
 Balcony Pool

Image credits: James Law
Swing & Dine !
Love this idea ~ Too bad for those who might feel giddy from the swing
Image credits:
 Visible Toilet!!
Looks cool ~I just hope nothing break the glass~~

Pirate dreams~
Lucky kids having their dream room nowadays~ *Green with envy *

Image credits: unknown

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