Dancing in Ohara Festival @ Kagoshima !

Ohara Festival aka Ohara Matsuri is a festival to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Kagoshima City Government in 1949. Since then it has grown substantially. Every year's festival features over 200 separate groups, with a combined total of over 20 thousand people dancing or performing.

We were super lucky to come in time this year which is the early month of November to Kagoshima! Most of all, our luck came upon us when our Japanese friend who lives in Kagoshima is working for the government of Kagoshima and invited us to participate in the dance festival with costumes provided !

It all first started on a Saturday night with a rainy weather. To our surprise, many people still participated and danced in the rain without umbrella ! Well , those in their precious Kimonos would have a layer of nice plastic over their dress.
This parade is not only the same old costume but a mixture of other kinds of wear depending on their group ! And they will dance to the traditional music repetitively for about an hour or 2 .

And of course, different group will have their own dance moves depending on their creativity.

Japanese kids just love to bully these big dolls ! Poor dude inside ~ >_<

Honestly, we had no practice of whatsoever dance moves on that day itself and just hope we wont be a spotlight being the bad dancer in this event.
Sunday morning was just Awesome!  NO Rain ! But then when it was our turn to dance, it was drizzling a bit but bearable~ Well, you cant see wet pictures of me here can you?

And here’s our awesome friend that brought us to this amazing event ! Arigato !!!
And of course before the dance we were having some photo moments with the cute kids !
Well, Kagoshima is popular for their Black pig so they have a costume for the kids as well ! Super cute !!

And with some other dancers that has a total different costume than us,
And oh ! Their dance is Waltz matching the traditional Japanese music~ ( So weird yet cool)

And then it all started !! Here’s the pictures of the professional dancing theme ~

And Our dance…. OH Well ~ We were just fooling around~
Apparently , Christian was the only Caucasian in our team dancing and he got so much attention and even the media !
Haha~ I was able to fool the Japanese that I’m one of them !
Well, in between the songs , we do have breaks and there are stations that serves water or “soju”( Kagoshima famous potato liquor) Imagine free liquor for the adult dancers !! No wonder the adults are so happy ! ;D

Well, this friend of ours , Mr Tadashi whom brought us to his orchard on the volcanic island –Sakurajima –which is a ferry ride from Kagoshima port spotted us !!! Must be the obvious blonde hair from Christian~~! It was such a pleasure to meet him again !! He is our oldest Japanese friend that speaks such good english !!

And he Cute Japanese kids involving in the dance parade for an hour plus~
Aren’t they adorable ? LOL actually they were all so tired and hated the black pig hat ! ;P
Im the only one enjoying the cute cap ! OINKkkkk

And this would be our youngest Japanese friend Risa ~ whom made us yummy homemade Japanese curry and miso soup ! Bumped into her at some mart coincidently!!

 More weird costumes and mascot during this event which went on a whole day even after we finished our dance for an hour !

And some Taiko performance of either group of strong aunties; grandma; high school teens drumming! Their drumming skills are amazing !!!

Not forgetting the end of the parade group was different bunch of professional dancers dancing to a faster beat version of the traditional song in their own way.
This contemporary traditional dancers were amazing ! They were like some samurai graceful dance~~
And WOW ! Cheerleaders as well ! Matching those songs? Weird weird but definitely a nice performance as they have to repeat the same dance several times in an hour !
Where do these people have energy !!!???

And some even from Okinawa doing the drum dance !

Kagoshima definitely gave us an extremely memorable moment and having the opportunity to live nearby to a live volcano with much eruptions everyday is such a bliss !
Now I not only can say that I’d seen a volcano eruption but also danced in a Japanese festival 2013 !

Lots more update to be done about Japan ! Thanks for reading !



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