Halloween 2013 in OSAKA- JAPAN !!

HELLO GUYS ! SO Sorry for the late update !!
So this year Halloween ; Im at JAPAN !!!
So Sorry to those that I had to turn down those job offers due to my travels~

Since our last visit to Japan in Spring we made some awesome Japanese friends and this autumn we are back to visit n Party with them !
Yes, i brought my makeup stuffs all the way from KL to Japan just for their special effect makeup !

And here's the bf and this time a more drastic makeup down for him n his new halloween outfit !

They were so proud of this make up~ According to them it's not that common to have such gross makeup for haloween!

And here, a group pic of us before we head to the club !!
And of course, I did all the makeup and blood splashing !:p

The Cute puppies~ Still recognize us ~ 
Well, dogs trust their "sense", not based on looks~ 

And We headed out with our outfits and got lots of stares~
This is not common at 11pm around Tennoji.

We took a cab to this club call OPA !!
And honestly, the first entrance were full of  "OKASAN" Transexuals.
Christian even asked me ; "Did we came into a wrong kind of club?"
And to our  surprise, these transexuals are very much welcome in Japanese clubs as performers and dancers! They were then dancing on the stage while the DJ Spins !

And you wonder how Japanese looks like on a haloween night? Check out the photos below ~

Well, here's a Gay Japanese I met ~ Aint he lovely ~~

Well, CHOPPPER !! If you know One Piece Japanese anime character you know him !
This dude has such a cool outfit!

 Here, a random sexy chic whom tried to take picture with me BF ... Sooo , I RAN IN the way and PHOTOBOMB !!!! NAHHHH There you go for tryin to seduce my Man~
But then we got back and saw this picture again and OMG!
If you realize, she has a split tongue !! SHE Must have cut it !!! OUCHHHH~ Ok... now u can see her boobs~ YES~ Japanese has big boobs !

Here's our adorable friends ~ Haruka and Ruri ~ They are both sisters

WHAT Does a Horse Say ??

Again, the bf being the "Special" one, get's lots of attention and girls trying to take photos with him~ 
Well, Im the "NICE" Gf that becomes His & Their photographer ~

Unless they get toooo close , I PHOTOBOMB !!!
#Tips on how to be an Awesome GF !

Ok~ Here's a picture of the sweaty us... 
It was HOT in the club !!! Hotter than outside !!
Totally different from Zouk in KL that blast their aircond to max level!

 Arhhhhhhh ~Lucky Bat-bitch........... I missed that ! But i do think the girl on the right is HWATTT!
And my turn with the guys that made Fantasy world scary !!

They were so popular but then, the winner for the haloween costume was a bunch of Japanese chics dress up in furry hat and dress as a poodle.
NOT Fair !! I think the Gory-Bear shuld win~ T_T

Well, there goes our awesome Haloween night in Japan !!
What a fun night with the cute Japanese that jumps and sing in clubs instead of slutty dancing shit !
Totally different than in KL !
If you are curious , try out clubbing in Japan !
Some would allow foreigners for free before 10pm~Thanks for reading !!!


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